Treat Yourself to These 61 Editor-Approved Holiday Gifts

‘Tis the season for giving. Whether you’re choosing to shop small, celebrate with friends, and/or honor essential workers with charitable donations this year, don’t forget to add one very important person to your list: you! While it’s wonderful to be able to give and receive gifts, it’s just as critical—and validating—to take the opportunity to recognize all that you’ve accomplished in the past year. 

Whether that moment of self-congratulations takes the form of an indulgent dinner, a little token of appreciation, something to brighten your living space, or that one piece of jewelry or must-have fashion item you’ve been eyeing all year, we totally get it. This is why Who What Wear editors have compiled a gift list precisely for this purpose. With that in mind, we’re sending you a virtual high five and invite you to browse these 61 editor-approved gifts. Happy holidays, and here’s to an even better 2022 for all!

All of the products featured are available for purchase via the Shop app, powered by Shopify, and have been independently selected by Who What Wear editors for this article.

Whether you’re happily single or solidly coupled, it’s always a good idea to lead with love. 

Meghan Markle has been spotted wearing this design made of sterling silver and white sapphire.

A simple initial necklace is a low-key way to incorporate jewelry into your everyday attire.

For those who work in the scientific or medical field, this limited-edition necklace speaks volumes. 

There’s no such thing as too much good luck.

Looking to treat yourself for under $100? Here’s a well-constructed bag for all seasons.

Women-owned jewelry brand Leeada creates the most elegant pieces that are designed to be worn every day. 

A little reminder to regularly practice self-love.

Pair this sarong with a seaside vacation for a perfect gift to yourself. 

We’ll be honest: This pearly initial necklace has been on our wish list for months. 

Go ahead and put a little bling in your basket.

For those of us who find ourselves on both the naughty and nice lists this year.

A new purse is always a good idea.

Just a little arm candy.

Fashion and beauty editors alike are obsessed with J.Hannah’s designs.

Um, manifesting much?

Keep your friends close, but keep Harry Styles even closer.

These gorgeous trousers are basically The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants—vegan-leather edition.

Jewelry isn’t the only way to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe.

Pair this belted blazer with a power pose for the ultimate confidence booster.

Buy this toile sweatshirt now, and remember to wear it when season two of Bridgerton drops on Netflix in 2022.

A crisp white button-down is probably the most practical item on this list.

But these cowhide clogs are pretty versatile, too, right?

This versatile dress is both office-ready and date night–approved.

Found: the perfect cable-knit sweater.

Harry Styles has this hoodie in hot pink (just saying).

Not many people can pull off a head-to-toe lavender look, but these gorgeous embellished slippers make it an option.

This collared V-neck sweater is about to become your new go-to. Pair it with a turtleneck or tank for something a little less revealing but still chic. 

This closet staple goes with the vegan-leather trousers above for an effortlessly on-trend outfit.

It’s the rooster embroidered on the sleeve for us.

Fashion girls love the indie brand Et Tigre (and a well-placed flounce). 

Give yourself the gift of a high-quality French-girl wardrobe staple.

Enter 2022 harnessing that “glass half-full” energy.

Preparing to return to a regular commute? This carryall feels like an important upgrade.

We highly recommend purchasing this cable-knit set, especially if a cozy night by the fireplace is in the near future. 

These winter boots are guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Prepare to discover your new best friends from the vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand Osea.

De-stressing is literally in the name of this gift. Who doesn’t deserve that? 

Are you sensing a theme here? This Crystal Energy Wand is a favorite among beauty and wellness devotees.

If you haven’t already sampled Glow Recipe, then consider this kit a formal invitation to join the skincare cult.

By purchasing this Five Minute Morning makeup set, you’re basically giving yourself permission to sleep in. Just don’t press snooze on the Highlighting Balm—it’s exceptional!  

Giving yourself the gift of clear skin isn’t always easy, but it is possible with a little help from this bacteria-busting skincare wand. Trust us—it works. 

Drinking more water is a healthy and achievable goal. Crush it with this stylish and secure bottle from Welly, which donates clean water to those in need with every purchase.

On a budget? This affordable candle smells incredible and will transport you to the Hinoki forests much faster than a flight to Japan. 

Not into four-legged roommates? Say hello to an apartment-friendly little buddy.

Consider this stylish planter a gift to yourself and your new plant friends.

New artwork is always a great gift to yourself.

There’s something so festive about a collection of tapered candles.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Because cozy blankets can be decorative, too.

Pair this vase with a monthly subscription of fresh (or dried) flowers to breath new life into your space.

For those who dream of one day having a fireplace but have to make do for now.

A hotel-quality duvet insert you can enjoy at home? Brilliant.

Because home bakers need gifts, too.

Let these place mats entertain you every mealtime.

A diffuser is an easy way to upgrade any room.

This vase is just begging for a few branches of eucalyptus, right?

Treat yourself to a spa day in the comfort of your own home.

Colorful pillows are an easy way to add personality to your space.

Sorry, GCal, but you just can’t compete. 

Okay, one last candle because Kacey Musgraves turned her sound into a whole vibe. 

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