Tory Lanez Filmed Partying At A Club

Tory Lanez is not allowing the blowback following the release of his Daystar album keep him in the house — and was recently captured partying in a club — with no mask on.

Rapper Casanova walks up to Lanez and films him with his cellphone.

“Oh sh*t, oh sh*t. Oh, he outside,” Casanova says. “What the f*ck are you doin’ out here? What’s goin’ on?” Cas asks him before he smiles and tells him he doesn’t know.

This is one of the first public sightings of Lanez since he allegedly shot his girlfriend, Megan Thee Stallion, weeks ago. In his Daystar album, Lanez denies shooting her. He accuses Meg’s team of trying to frame him and confesses that he has a crush on Meg’s former friend, Kylie Jenner.

Several media outlets vowed to never cover Lanez again and social media rallied around Megan Thee Stallion in support. She is yet to directly address his album.