Tory Lanez Asks Court To Allow Him To Speak Publicly About Shooting Evidence!!

Tory Lanez has filed a motion asking the courts to let him talk about his Megan Thee Stallion assault case. 

Lanez says he has evidence he would like to be able to speak about publicly but thinks it’s unfair that he has been prevented from speaking due to a protective order but that Megan Thee Stallion is able to.

He says that Meg has made “inflammatory statements” on social media but that he has been unable to respond due to the order.

Recently, a false report hit the internet that the charges against Lanez had been dropped. Meg then took to the internet to shoot down the rumors — but Lanez was upset because Meg implied that it was his camp who leaked the rumors.


Fan Tells Tory Lanez He “Shot Megan” (; 0:41)

“Did the motion fail to mention that there was gunshot residue on his hands or that he texted her ‘Sorry’? I haven’t had a chance to read it,” Meg’s attorney Alex Spiro said in a statement to XXL.

Tory has been charged with one felony count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, a felony count of carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle and for personal use of a firearm. The singer has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.