TikTok User Claims She Got Chlamydia In Her Lungs From Vaping!!

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after she claims she contracted chlamydia in her lungs from vaping.

“So, put a finger down if, um, in October you got super, super sick with pneumonia and you tried to tell everybody in your family that you felt like it was something more than that…Um, you tried to tell the doctors and the hospitals that it was something more than that — you suffered with a fever for almost 13 days,” she said per BuzzFeed. 

“Nobody believed you, they just kept testing you for COVID, testing you for antibodies, testing you for hepatitis, literally anything — everything was negative. Finally, it comes back that you have chlamydia in your lungs from vaping and smoking a bad cart.”

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a bacteria called chlamydia trachomatis and it usually doesn’t cause any symptoms. It is treated with antibiotics.

She claimed she was smoking a salt nicotine vape cartridge and that doctors confirmed the infection came from the cartridge.