‘Tiger King’ Star Carole Baskin Turns On The Media

Carole Baskin, star of the Netflix documentary, Tiger King, broke down over the media’s portrayal of her.

Baskin, who took on Joe Exotic, eventually suing him for millions and taking his zoo, starred in the documentary, where it was alleged that she murdered her second husband, Don Lewis.

Many see cold-hearted Baskin as a villain — and she’s tired of the narrative.

“All of the negative media attention that came out of Tiger King was extremely difficult because of the fact that my family was struggling so much with it,” said Baskin on Dancing With The Stars.

“I’ve seen what the media can do to you and I hate that,” she said. “I try even harder to be strong in their presence — I keep it inside, and wait until everybody is gone before I can break down.”

Baskin denies murdering her ex-husband, who disappeared in 1997 ahead of a trip to Costa Rica.

 “I actually had to contact my family and say ‘be prepared,’ because I try not to ever cry in front of them, even. To break down in front of everybody, it’s — it’s really out of character for me and difficult.”