TI & Tiny Accuser Sabrina Pearson’s History: Telling Lies & Restraining Orders!

This week, the gossip world was rocked after Tiny’s former best friend, Sabrina Pearson, came forward with disturbing allegations against Tiny and TI, saying that they forced multiple women into having threesomes with them. 

Well MTO News did a bit of digging into the allegations, and it turns out that their accuser, Sabrina, has quite a history herself.

First, she’s been accused of stalking by multiple people, and that she made up lies on social media to destroy their reputation.

Some filed restraining orders against her and we got our hands on a few – that people filed to stop her from making up lies on social media.

In one restraining order, Sabrina Peterson was accused of allegedly harassing a woman both on social media and in person. 


Family Hustle Instagram Trailer (; 0:17)

In another court document, a different woman alleged that Sabrina Peterson stalked her at work. 

In yet another court document, a man claimed that Sabrina threatened to make up lies against him, to have his probation violated.

And there’s more. In a fourth court document, one of Sabrina’s exes claims that she went on social media, and lied telling people that he infected her with HIV.

Here are the documents: