This Weird Home-Decor Trend Is Showing Up All Over My Feed, And I Like It

Furniture sure sets the stage when it comes to decorating, but I’d argue it’s the accouterments that really matter. Without those smaller design elements like artwork, plants, or decor objects, a room just feels devoid of personality. Right now in the midst of redecorating my apartment, I can’t get enough of weird, funky vases. From Pinterest to Instagram, my digital mood boards are stuffed with images of shelves and coffee tables adorned with off-kilter vases in wacky geometric shapes and patterns. They’re not the type of objects you’d immediately think of as conventionally pretty–and that’s the beauty of it. From London based Completedworks’ lumpy ceramic vase to Anissa Kermiche’s wildly popular body-positive sculptures, these vessels are eye-catching works of art in their own right. While a fresh bouquet of flowers may be an age-old trick to liven up a space, throwing them in a cool, whimsical vase brings it to a whole other level. In the interest of sharing (and also because I can’t let my months of window-shopping go to waste), I’ve compiled a list of all the unique, weird vases I’m thoroughly excited about. Keep scrolling to see and shop them all. 

Since everyone is obsessed with mushroom decor right now.

Dinosaur Designs’ resin objects are a feast for the eyes.

Ready for a bouquet of fresh tulips.

If supporting small business is a priority, check out NYC based ceramic label Mellow.

I would never guess this is only $15. 

Danish brand Raawii is a name to know if you love bright objects and clean, minimal shapes. 

How pretty is this sky blue color?

The pleats are an unexpected touch.  

For all of the devoted cat lovers, everywhere. 

Grab this to jazz up a neutral themed room. 

If your style leans more rustic, this is the vase for you. 

Anissa Kermiche’s body-positive sculptures and vases are a cult favorite. They don’t come cheap, but it’s a worthy investment if something spectacular is the aim. 

For anyone looking for exceptionally whimsical pieces, look no further than design duo W&S, also known as Wang & Söderström.

Constructed out of New Zealand wool, here’s a vase you’ll be tempted to touch. 

Fluid, abstract shaped vases are trending big within the home decor space–this one from brand Completedworks is simplistic elegance at its finest. 

A piece that really sets the tone.

This cute, bubbly vase comes in several colors, but we can’t get over this gorgeous shade of teal. 

First introduced in the 1930s, it’s a classic that will endure the test of time. 

Made out of upcycled plastic, each vessel is a limited edition one-off piece that’s literally a work of art.  

A fresh, circular vase is the perfect finishing touch to any bookcase or floating shelf.

I’ve been eyeing this one all year. 

Definitely a splurge, but if you’re going to go big, here’s a vase we agree should be at the top of your list. 

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