This Was Stephenie Meyer's Original Dream Cast For “Twilight”

Like, back in 2007, she shared who she hoped would be cast in the movie, and it’s WILD…

Henry Cavill as Edward Cullen.

Sebastian Artz / Getty Images, Summit

Meyer said Cavill was “the only actor I’ve ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen.” Later, when she realised Cavill would look way too old to play Edward, she said she thought he’d make a great Carlisle – and that Tom Sturridge or Logan Lerman might work for Edward.

Meyer also listed the most popular fan suggestions for Edward, and Robert Pattinson got a look-in…

Although he didn’t make Meyer’s list of fan-suggested faves – meanwhile Jackson Rathbone, who went on to play Jasper, DID.

For Bella Swan, Meyer wanted Emily Browning.

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“Just look at those lips! Love her!”

Fans had other ideas…

Meyer’s perfect Jacob Black was Steven Strait.

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When he got too old, Meyer thought Tyler Posey was also a good option.

Meyer wanted Charlie Hunnam to play Carlisle Cullen.

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Meyer said: “Second only to Edward on my “passionately decided” list is Carlisle’s character. My favorite: Charlie Hunnam. The reason this actor was able to get such a hold on me was his work as the title character in Nicholas Nickleby. He pretty much was Carlisle in that movie.”

For Charlie Swan, Meyer had her eye on John C Reilly.

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“He would be so perfect.”

Meyer’s other picks for Charlie were Vince Vaughn and Adam LeFevre, while some fans were apparently gunning for Dennis Quaid.

Meyer thought model Joanna Krupa would be the perfect Rosalie.

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While fans wanted Olivia Wilde.

Meyer also wanted Rachael Leigh Cook for Alice Cullen…

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Cillian Murphy as James (with Joshua Jackson as backup)…

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John Stamos as Laurent…

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And Daniel Cudmore as Emmett Cullen.

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(Cudmore actually played Felix in the movies.)

While Meyer didn’t name anyone she had in mind for Jasper Hale or Esme Cullen, she did highlight some fan picks.

What a truly different movie it might have been.