This Trick For Movie Lovers Will Change The Way You Use Your Netflix Account

Well, hey there! You sure do look like the type of person who has pretty good taste in movies and film…

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And we’re about to give you one super easy tip that makes finding those amazing cinematic works of art even easier:

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Because chances are, you’re a big Netflix user, right?

Which means you’ve probably spent a good deal of your precious time trying to find the best thing to watch on Netflix on any given night…

And it’s kind of intimidating! There are TOO MANY CHOICES!!


So much to binge, so little time!

But apparently, there’s a trick to finding a guaranteed great Netflix movie almost instantly…

And this tip came by way of the Netflix Latin America Twitter account:

Basically, if you type in “Cannes,” “Oscars,” or “Sundance” into your Netflix search bar, it instantly pulls up hundreds of award-winning films available on the site…


^^Here’s what comes up if you type in “Cannes Festival,” for example.

Which means you can get your cinephile on almost instantly, without having to scroll through all those other titles!


You can even type in “Oscar winners” to narrow your search even further.

Now that you know this crucial Netflix hack, all you have to decide for your next movie night is just how many films to cram in while you’re on the couch.

This post was translated from Spanish.