This Nontoxic Makeup Line Is a Win for Clean-Beauty Lovers, and I’m Proof

Welcome to The Great Beauty Try-On, where we seized the opportunity to test-drive the best-selling makeup products from some of your favorite beauty brands (plus some newcomers!) and documented the process along the way.

While I love trying out new brands, I’m also a creature of habit: cream blushes, loose powder highlighters, and clear brow gels always seem to make their way into my shopping baskets without much thought. One of the things I love most about being a beauty editor is opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and try products I wouldn’t usually reach for (all from the comfort of my humble abode). Bobbi Brown’s award-winning, nontoxic brand Jones Road has always been on my radar, but until now, I hadn’t pulled the trigger. I tried 15 of its best-selling products and settled on seven that I think create the best no-makeup makeup looks for anyone on the go. 

For me, I wanted a natural, glowy complexion that was low effort but effortlessly chic. After taking a peek at my new collection of Jones Road products, I decided to focus on the gorgeous berry-toned lip colors that were sent my way and tried to create a chic, everyday look around those.

Keep reading to discover which amazing products have earned their way into my makeup bag and my clean beauty–loving heart.

I tried The Brow Pencil in two shades (Brunette and Dark Brunette) and opted for the latter. The first thing I noticed about the pencil was how pigmented it was. The lightest pressure gave my brows a bold, natural-looking finish. I got the full, feathery-brow look with half the time and effort it usually takes me. The pencil was also easy to control and allowed for a smooth application. I used The Brow Pencil to outline my brows before focusing on the areas that tend to be a little sparse. If you’re in the market for a smudgy and waterproof pencil that does a great job at adding dimension and fullness to your brows, this one’s for you.

I’m going to be honest: I had no idea what to expect from this product when I opened my first Miracle Balm. I received this one in three dramatically different shades: Tawny, Bronze, and Sunkissed. For my makeup look, I decided to go with Bronze with the goal of adding a subtle glow and hint of color to my face. While it felt wrong to break the surface of the balm with my index finger and warm it up as directed, it went on my skin smoothly. I blended it out from the apples of my cheeks before sweeping it up toward my temples just like I would apply blush or highlighter. I don’t know if I would describe this product as a replacement for both, but it does give the skin an undeniable glow. Perfect for the everyday no-makeup makeup look I was hoping to achieve.

Bobbi Jones herself color-matched me for The Face Pencil! I used it in Shade 20 Dark to quickly lighten dark circles, cover dark spots, and correct any discoloration. Instead of sharpening it, I decided to try applying the pencil directly to my “problem areas” before blending it out with my index finger. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked at how easily the color blended away to reveal an even, clear base. That’s right: there were no chalky undertones or visible streaks where I applied it. While I think I’ll always prefer liquid concealer, this pencil does an amazing job of giving the skin a little coverage. It’s also available in 20+ different shades. Amazing!

If you’re anything like me, you love a good blush. Jones Roads sent me its best-selling blush in Berry, and I’m absolutely obsessed. This blush is ultra-pigmented but can be blended out to perfection, giving your cheeks that dreamy, “just pinched” wash of color. According to the directions on the brand’s website, I was 100% supposed to apply it with the Blush Brush or a wide brush for best results. I once again decided to go with my finger, and I don’t regret it! Just like the rest of the Jones Roads products I tried before, the blush was easily blended (and had no fallout). This time, I was shooting for a quick, everyday makeup look, but I would definitely also use this blush for a full face in the future.

Before trying Jones Road’s Sparkle Wash in the shade Gilded, I didn’t believe I could pull off sparkles for a simple eye look. This product completely changed my mind! This shimmering eye shadow stays on the lid without creasing or moving (which is great for me, because I tend to rub my eyes pretty often). It’s also buildable, giving your lids as much sparkle as you’d like without appearing too bold or costumey. It can also be applied over a matte or cream eye shadow, which I’m hoping to try in the future to add a little glam to my makeup looks.

I’ll always love a good berry red lip color, and Jones Road’s The Lip Tint in Merlot is no exception to this rule. It’s a lovely, classic color that brings the right amount of shine to my lips. It’s also quite pigmented and has staying power. I’ve been told that Bobbi’s answer to traditional lipstick. I applied it directly on my lips without a brush and then continued to build for a deep, berry color that I’ll love wearing all fall and winter long. My only issue is that although the lip tint uses the key ingredient of castor seed to lock in moisture, unfortunately, my lips started feeling dry minutes after the initial application. Because of that, I decided to go back over my lips with the Lip Tint before reaching for the Jones Road Cool Gloss to add a little more hydration.

The Cool Gloss happens to be my favorite product from the line. I got it in two shades, Original (clear) and Boysenberry. For my makeup look, I decided to go for Boysenberry to layer on top of The Lip Tint. It’s lightweight, ultra-moisturizing, and glides across the lips without any piling at the corners of the mouth. It’s also non-sticky, meaning I won’t have to spend my days mercilessly batting away anything that comes into contact with my glossy lips. I didn’t notice much of a difference when it came to the volume of my lips, but I did notice how gorgeous they looked without much effort. Extra points for smelling like peppermint!

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