This Is the Comfiest Skirt Trend I’ve Ever Encountered (& It’s Winter-Friendly)

My only reservation when it comes to skirts is their comfort factor, period. A tomboy at heart, I highly value the ability to do anything in my clothes and am known to give up entire categories that don’t allow me to do that. Cough, heels, cough. Recently, however, I encountered a skirt trend that provides all the comfort I desire without sacrificing style. This skirt trend may have even transformed my relationship with skirts overall—meet the maxi skirt. While the style has had its moments in grunge and hippy movements of yore, it was never quite as alluring to me as it is in 2021. 

Among the freshest takes on the maxi in 2021 are knitted styles, preppy pleats, and patterned A-line skirts that bring levity to a traditionally conservative silhouette. This skirt can be styled for formal events and casual ones alike, and could quite possibly be even more comfortable than jeans. 

Ahead, meet the 10 maxi-skirt outfits that will change your perspective toward the style forever.

Let’s start with an iconic winter maxi moment. The texture in this outfit is unmatched! Everything from the cable-knit sweater to the quilted maxi and bedazzled flats creates the perfect cozy-girl fashion moment that we all strive for.

Literally a down blanket.

The voluminous sleeves are so elegant.

A Manolo dupe for under $100? I’ll take it.

While on vacation, all I want to wear are matching separates. A maxi on vacation is an unexpected yet still great option when you’re looking for a more elevated outfit.

The ruched details are super cute.

Button or unbutton depending on your level of sass.

I love how these look stacked together, but they’re three separate rings!

I’m absolutely obsessed with the color play and proportions in this outfit (including the oversize dog). Who knew a printed maxi skirt could look so badass? 

I rarely see tiger prints that I love.

This will match with all the colors in your wardrobe.

In case something pops off, you’ll be ready.

The pleated maxi is perfect for when you want to get dressed up, but it’s still frigid outside. Layer some tights underneath for added warmth.

A winter staple.

Wear this as a top or, if you live in L.A., as a jacket.

Love a subtle cheetah print.

Black lace does something to me, perhaps because I associate lace with bridal clothing and it’s such a surprise to see it in black. Lace maxis are still a pretty novel concept, so I won’t be surprised if more designers continue to create takes of their own.

Each pleat has lace that peeks out as you move. So chic.

Love the 2D and 3D textures.

A punch of red to wake everybody up.

I’ve been searching for new ways to style my blazers, and this look just unlocked a treasure chest of ideas. A maxi tube skirt pairs beautifully with oversize tops like blazers and button-downs. Finish off the look with flats for a casual lunch date.

Dress it up with heels or down with sneakers.

No need for a work blanket when you’re in this.

The square toe makes these the ones.

The belle of the ball has arrived. This outfit proves that a two-piece set can be formalwear—when one of those pieces is a voluminous maxi skirt, of course. Simply stunning.

Don’t forget to add some highlighter to your gorgeous clavicle.

So romantic.

A pair of party heels that go with everything.

I like the idea of seasonal dressing where every item of clothing has a moment rather than being worn year-round. In the winter, ditch the miniskirt and wear a long slip skirt instead. It provides the same effect and is a more surprising choice.

Not your average slip skirt.

Turn up the saturation!

Doubles as a pillow.

Trust me when I tell you knitted skirts shield cold like no other. It’s really like a windbreaker for your legs. 

Hugs all the right places.

I’ve been obsessed with space dye lately, and this skirt is giving.

There’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow!

As a tie-dye aficionado, this maxi skirt speaks my language. The A-line shape brings structure to this generally casual print, which I love.

The ’90s grunge era is back.

Monochromatic tie-dye is my favorite.

Love the asymmetric shape of this.

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