This Is For Everyone Who Didn't Get The “Shazam!” End Credits Scene

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve already seen Shazam!, the new superhero film from DC Comics that’s becoming a huge box office success and a fave with the critics…

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But if, for some reason, you **haven’t** seen it, stop right here! Because this post is full of SPOILERS, obviously.

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Anyway, as with a lot of DC Comics and Marvel movies, Shazam! has an end credits scene that hints at where a possible sequel could be headed. It’s a little confusing if you haven’t read the Shazam comics, so we’ll break it down for you:

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Basically, in this scene, we see Dr. Sivana scrawling a bunch of symbols on the walls of his prison cell…

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…when, all of a sudden, we see him interrupted by a voice telling him there are many ways to obtain magical powers. The camera zooms in, and we see that the voice belongs to a little worm-type insect.

Only this isn’t **just** some rando worm dude, it’s a SUPERVILLAIN!

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If you’ve read the comic books, you’d know that worm dude goes by the name of Mister Mind, and he’s one of Shazam’s oldest enemies!

More facts about Mister Mind: he’s a worm hailing from planet Venus, and he has a bunch of supernatural abilities like telepathic and telekinetic powers, super intelligence, and mind control.

In the comic books, Mister Mind eventually becomes so powerful that he can literally swallow up the whole universe.

He also becomes the leader of the evil supervillain organization known as the Monster Society of Evil, which includes Dr. Sivana, the Crocodile Men (who make a brief appearance in the movie), and…

Black Adam, another one of Shazam’s most notorious rivals!

In fact, after the success of Shazam! at the box office, The Rock confirmed that he’ll be playing Black Adam in his own DC Comics movie.

Which means that in the future, we’ll likely see the return of Shazam facing the Monster Society of Evil, including Black Adam.

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Naturally, in preparation for this inevitable Shazam vs. The Rock faceoff that we don’t deserve, I’m thinking we should all probably head back to the theater and rewatch Shazam! a few more times, amirite??


Yes. I’m right. Go do it.

This post was translated from Spanish.