This “Game Of Thrones” Theory Says Tyrion Was Actually King And Honestly, It Checks Out

Game of Thrones may have ended a week ago, but that hasn’t stopped fans, myself included, from thinking about the show.


Look, we’re not getting anymore episodes ever (petition all you want folks), but we can still have fun theorizing about what happened, OK?!

Now, the latest theory comes to us from Reddit user u/AgnostosTheosLogos. They break down the major chain of events in the final episodes of Season 8 and conclude that Tyrion was actually King* and winner of the game of thrones.

Helen Sloan / HBO

*Before he picked the next King, Bran, that is.

Here’s why it checks out:


Cersei was queen, but died.

HBO, Helen Sloan / HBO

And by died, I mean was crushed to death in the dungeons of King’s Landing due to Daenerys and Drogon destroying the city.


Dany, the usurper, also died.

Helen Sloan / HBO

If Dany had had an heir, they could’ve potentially claimed the throne. But, she didn’t and her only other living relative was Jon. Which brings us to our next point…


Jon, who killed Dany, did not want the throne.

Helen Sloan / HBO

Jon, as far as we know, was Dany’s last blood relative, so there’s no one else in the Targaryen line to take the throne after Dany.


Therefore, Tyrion — who was the next family member by blood to Cersei, the last ruler — was actually the winner and thus, king.

Helen Sloan / HBO

According to laws and tradition in Westeros, the next in line to the throne would be the previous crown’s next male relative.

Now, some fans argued that Gendry was the rightful heir, but as u/AgnostosTheosLogos also pointed out, in the eyes of the Lannister/Baratheon line, he was still a bastard, so not eligible for the crown.


Sorry, Gendry.

And while Tyrion picked Bran to be the new ruler in the series finale, it’s pretty clear that Tyrion may as well have been king himself. I mean, Bran literally left him to run the small council meeting like, “You got this.”


‘Cause he’s gonna be busy looking for Drogon, apparently.

Honestly? I can’t see a fault with this argument/theory and I 100% support the idea that Tyrion Lannister won the game of thrones.