This FP Movement Activewear Will Motivate You to Work Out

I’ve been so busy this summer that I’ve put my fitness game on the back burner without really realizing it. Between work, weekend adventures, and wedding planning, my workout schedule has been pretty inconsistent. So in an effort to turn things around this fall, I’m on the hunt for activewear that will motivate me to get moving. And after popping into Free People and discovering its latest FP Movement campaign, Made to Move, my motivation has been restored. The campaign features four badass professional athletes: golfer Troy Mullins, softball player A.J. Andrews, race car driver Toni Breidinger, and surfer Brianna Cope. It gives us an inside look at how they each put in the work to be the best in their professions. Needless to say, after watching videos of these athletes dominating their workouts, I was inspired. Keep scrolling to see my picks from the FP Movement collection, and get ready to bust out your sneakers.