This Fashion Trend Is Moving Into Home Decor—and It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Welcome to On the Hunt, a series where we reveal our latest affordable finds at Walmart. From wardrobe staples and trendy accessories to the best in home décor and beauty, expect to find exceptional items at even more impressive prices.

Leave it to the fashion crowd to get behind a new home trend in a major way. It seems like everyone on the internet is drawn to one in particular right now: cottagecore. The style is a mix between an airy California beachfront home, a modern countryside farmhouse, and a cozy east coast cottage, with lots of neutral colors and natural materials.

Need a visual reference? Décor enthusiast Julia Havens has expertly decorated her Nashville home with this aesthetic in mind and is sharing all of her insight with us. “I’m the crazy lady who is literally always re-styling bookshelves and coffee-table décor,” she says of her knack for reinventing her space over and over. See how she effortlessly achieved the cottagecore trend and shop her affordable picks from Walmart to spruce up your own space.

Havens got on board with the cottagecore aesthetic immediately. “This trend is so in line with my interior style,” she says. “I grew up in California, so I think the foundation of my décor will always be based in the laidback, relaxed California vibe. In addition to that, it’s a mixture of European farmhouse and beach cottage; a modern take on traditional style and very neutral. You will never catch a bright color in my house!”

So how do you actually achieve a cottagecore look in your home? According to Havens, “The style incorporates so many earthy elements from the outdoors. Just pick a few different textures to combine in one room, and you will easily get the vibe: rattan, wood, stone. Then add in some cozy pillows, and you’re there.” Here she included textured vases, a woven tray for her wood coffee table, and a cozy throw pillow. Another amazing tip she has is to incorporate greenery. “I will cut branches from the tree in my front yard and plop them in a vase, and it instantly elevates an area,” she says.

Although Havens has many affordable pieces in her home, that doesn’t mean anything looks cheap. “Stick to a neutral color palette and make sure items fit the scale of the room and everything will look really well done and expensive,” she says. This rattan rug and framed art piece from Walmart look really chic alongside other vintage items in Havens home.

Moving into the bedroom, Havens incorporates similar natural textures and colors. “This is our main guest bedroom, so I love to put extra effort into choosing pieces that make it feel super relaxing. These Walmart side tables added a perfect warmth and natural element to a room that was predominantly white. They cozy it up and also have built-in charging stations for guests to easily plug in their phones.”