This $6 Drugstore Find Gives Me Expensive-Looking Lips Every Time

Okay, here’s the tea: Any time I get compliments on my lipstick, it’s actually a drugstore formula. I swear. I’ll be the first to admit that drugstore lipstick shade ranges are pretty meh, but whenever I do find that gorgeous neutral or vibrant shade that really suits me from the discount bin, look out, world—I can’t be stopped. Usually, I’m a ride-or-die pencil-and-lipstick kind of gal, but recently, I’ve been looking to branch out.

I hadn’t really dabbled in the world of drugstore liquid lipsticks just yet and decided it was time to give them a chance. After sifting through quite a few formulas, I definitely found some serious winners. If you’re looking for a way to get that luxurious, elegant look for a few bucks less, scroll through for my favorite drugstore liquid lipsticks plus a few that earned honorable mention.

This shade is almost an exact dupe for MAC’s Lipstick in Cyber ($19), and I’m not really mad at it. It has a few more burgundy undertones than the MAC shade, but I digress. The applicator is a bit wonky, so tread carefully, but overall, I would love this shade for a special occasion or when I want to create a dramatic, smoky look. I do have to say, lipstick got on my teeth pretty quickly after application, but it’s still a really nice formula that glides on pretty well and doesn’t take a lot of effort to clean up if you need to.

I really loved this one, not just because it’s called Liquid Catsuit but also because it dries so nicely after you apply it. It dries enough to be a matte shade but doesn’t make your lips feel crusty or parched, which I really appreciate in a lipstick. 

I love this neutral, beigey pink shade. It’s actually great for everyday wear if you’re about that and applies really easily. I don’t normally go for pink lipstick, in general, but I’m glad I opted for this E.l.f. formula. It adds the perfect subtle pop of color to a brown eye shadow look, which I do pretty often.

This lip color from Joah is pretty similar to Wet n Wild’s and infused with rose-hip oil. It’s matte and highly pigmented and doesn’t overdry your lips.

Rimmel’s Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick comes in a pretty good range of shades with options that look stunning on Black and Brown skin. Personally, I’d go for the shade Plum This Show.

This formula from Maybelline will last you all day. It also comes with an arrow-shaped applicator for a flawless finish every time.

Nyx’s creamy lipstick earns a spot for its lush, silky formula that’s almost like a lightweight mousse texture. Don’t be fooled, though. It still has a refined matte finish.

This one has more of a satin-like finish, but sometimes I do like a lipstick that isn’t 100% matte. It also contains vitamin E and black-currant-seed oil to help keep cracking at bay.

This option from Physicians Formula is basically skincare for your lips. It contains hyaluronic acid and avocado oil for extra nourishment all while providing rich, decadent color.

If all else fails, buy a liquid lipstick with a separate moisturizing top coat to keep your lips looking extra lush all day.

Another great option for when you want something super long-lasting. 

I’m a big fan of Essence’s mascaras, and the brand’s liquid lipstick deserves a shout-out as well. It’s definitely more of a stain, so you’ll really have to scrub to get it off, but it does work great under a mask on the other hand.

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