These Native American–Owned Beauty Brands Deserve a Spot in Your Routine

Let’s be honest: There has historically not been much Indigenous representation in the beauty space (or any space, for that matter). Many brands are inspired by Indigenous rituals but don’t credit the tribes these rituals originated in. 

Luckily, many Native American–owned beauty brands are emerging to give people a chance to try products that are rooted in rich cultural traditions. Indigenous tribes often practice holistic lifestyles, and the same goes for beauty products. Many of these brands also put sustainability at the forefront, creating products that are refillable, biodegradable, or locally sourced.

One special thing about Native American-owned brands is that many of them put a huge emphasis on their communities. Whether that looks like donating a portion of their proceeds to Indigenous communities like Prados Beauty or getting their community involved in sourcing ingredients like Niawen, these brands help shine a light on Native American culture and its people.

November is National Native American Heritage Month, and we think it’s important to spotlight Native-owned beauty brands. You may not have heard of many of these brands before, but we encourage you to give them a try—they’re all unique and efficacious in their own right.

Cece Meadows, founder, and CEO of Prados Beauty, descends from the Yoeme and Nʉmʉnʉ tribes. Meadows founded Prados Beauty to help bring awareness to Indigenous culture and traditions. The brand has made a promise to donate a portion of proceeds to Native communities and take part in charitable efforts for indigenous people. 

If sustainable beauty is important to you, consider giving Cheekbone a try. For this brand, sustainability is part of its DNA. Cheekbone tries to locally source its ingredients wherever possible, and its packaging all meets some kind of sustainable criteria—whether that’s being compostable, reusable, or biodegradable. Founder Jenn Harper keeps her Anishinaabe heritage in mind. 

Mohawk Tara-Tekahentakhwa is a paramedical aesthetician that blends her knowledge in skincare  with her ancestral traditions. After winning a battle with cancer, Niawen was born. Each of its products are rooted in both science and tradition. 

Not only are these soaps absolutely gorgeous, but they’re also packed with local ingredients from farmers markets across the Yukon, which founder Joella Hogan enlists her involved community to help her find. 

Blended Girl Cosmetics Founder Shí-Fawn Chee started playing around with makeup in her early 20s, but was disappointed with the lack of indigenous representation on the shelves. From there, Blended Girl Cosmetics was born.

This luxury brand has everything: an inclusive shade range, dreamy finishes, and advanced formulas. Founder Ahsaki Baa LaFrance-Chachere grew up on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona, where the brand is currently based. 

Sister Sky products are all based on natural ingredients and traditional herbs used for healing. Sisters Marina TurningRobe and Monica Simeon founded the brand to pay homage to their heritage. 

Founder Michaelee Lazore is Kanien’kehá:ka and Northern Paiute. All of her products are made to be sustainable and the ingredients are ethically sourced. 

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