These Eyelash Curlers Transform Even the Bittiest of Lashes—See the Pics

When it comes to nailing down your beauty routine, there’s the “easy” stuff like finding your ideal everyday lipstick. Then, there’s the hard stuff like tracking down an eyelash curler that actually makes a visual difference. Maybe your ongoing search has been so frustrating that you’ve simply settled for a great mascara. But trust us—the right eyelash curler makes such a difference in this step of your makeup routine, not to mention its ability to make your eyes look fresh and awake, even on those days when you’re not diving into the rest of your beauty routine.

Finding the perfect match is easier said than done (trial and error, right?), so we thought we’d give you a head start with a roundup of eyelash curlers that actually work. (After all, as beauty editors, most of us have tested out a lot.) Ahead, each member of our beauty team shares their go-to lash curler along with why they love it. And we’ve got the pics to show for it. Just to make sure the results are super clear, we picked one eye to curl with the eyelash curler and left the other simply with a swipe of mascara.

“Violet Grey carefully vets every beauty product it sells so it can really stand behind it. That’s why the retailer only carries two eyelash curlers, and this Utowa one is the more affordable option of the two. Professional makeup artists seem to love Utowa; through the years, I’ve often spotted one in their kits. I personally love how it seems to grab every lash, even in the corner of my eye, and give it a nice lift that really opens up my eyes.” — Kat Collings, Editor in Chief

This mascara holds your curl so your eyelash-curling work doesn’t go to waste.

“If I’m being honest, I’m new to eyelash curlers. I know. What kind of beauty editor isn’t fluent in the language of lashes? Well, it’s me because for most of my life my lashes were so thick and curly that pressing them with a tool for more lift and definition wasn’t actually unnecessary. As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve noticed my lashes losing a little bit of density, which, in turn, has taken away from their naturally curled look. I’m proud to report that this eyelash curler by Saie is the perfect one for newbies and is now a staple in my makeup routine. While I can’t compare it against many others (like I said, I’m a novice), I love how this one lifts and primes my lashes to help my mascara do an even better job at accentuating my eyes. I also like that it feels more substantial in my hand than some other eyelash curlers on the market that feel so fragile that they might break after only a few uses.” — Courtney Higgs, Associate Beauty Editor

This no-clump mascara creates a subtle extension look.

“My eyelashes are sparse and stick-straight, so when I discovered the power of an eyelash curler at the age of 13, my life was forever changed. I curl my lashes just about every day and have stuck to the same drugstore brand ever since, but I added this one from Kevyn Aucoin in my cart to get free shipping, and all I can say is I’m glad for this impulse buy. It’s so precise that every single lash seems to be curled, even the little stragglers, and the curl lasts a long time. Bonus: It doesn’t pull my lashes or pinch my eyelids!” — Sarah Yang, Managing Editor, THE/THIRTY

This mascara promises an even, non-clumpy application, and it delivers.

“I should lead with this: I’m a lash-extension enthusiast, so much so that I used to manage a lash salon. This, hopefully, illustrates that my expectations of a before-and-after when it comes to lash products is… well, high (even unrealistically so). But if I’m being honest, as a now infrequent wearer of extensions, I’ve noticed they left my lashes brittle, thin, and significantly shorter than where I started. I tried two other drugstore eyelash curlers before landing on Japonesque’s, and of the three, it is the only option that produces a lasting curl significant enough to open up my eyes. (Although they’re on the larger side, they tend to look “tired” without a sufficient lash moment.) I find the lash-bed cushion super comfortable and curved in a way that’s ideal for grabbing my corner lashes, and I love that the package comes with a replacement cushion, should you need it. Of course, we’re still mid-pandemic, so I’m straying away from super-intimate nonnecessities such as lash-extension appointments for the moment. In the meantime, this little guy will be my right hand.” — Jamila Stewart, Contributor

This is the mascara to turn to when you’re in need of a bit of drama.

“I am a die-hard eyelash-curler girl. Like, I really can’t remember the last time I applied mascara without holding my fave rose gold Tweezerman model to my lash line first. I’ve tried almost every curler under the sun, and while you’d think there wouldn’t be much of a difference, there most definitely is! I have super-large, round eyes, and this one fits best and never pinches or tugs. Plus, it seems to curl faster than others (meaning, less time with a scary tool pressed to your eyeball). The curl and lift seem to last longer, too. I try new eyelash curlers when they’re sent to me, but I always return to this one. It’s definitely one of my most prized beauty possessions, and I use it to curl my lashes every single morning whether or not I’m wearing makeup because it automatically makes me look more awake.” — Erin Jahns, Beauty Editor

You may have guessed it. Erin’s wearing Glossier’s Lash Slick as well (what can we say—our editors love it), but here’s a cute bundle with a liner to make your lashes pop even more.

We mentioned Violet Grey is serious about the products it chooses to carry. This lash-curling option is known to result in zero eyelash breakage.

You’re not imagining things. This eyelash curler actually does come with a side of Tarte mascara for just $18 total.

E.L.F.’s eyelash curler should 100% be your go-to when you’re on a strict budget. Also, these handle grips look super comfortable to work with.

Amazon faves don’t lie.

You can rest assured Shiseido’s eyelash curler will grab every single lash, from inner to outer corner.

So this looks… interesting, but hear us out. Consider this option if you have really short lashes. Its lack of side bars allows you to maneuver carefully across your lash line to curl even the tiniest of lashes in your corner spots.

The Bobbi Brown Gentle Eyelash Curler has this name for a reason. The sleek design is meant to provide your lashes with a subtle and natural curl.

What beauty product doesn’t the Sephora Collection perfect? The retailer’s take on the eyelash curler actually has a dual purpose—it’s great for applying false lashes and then fusing them with your natural lashes and simultaneous lifting and curling them all for a uniform look.

We love a travel-size beauty product. This Japonesque curler leaves you with a curl that typically lasts throughout the day, but in case it doesn’t, it fits neatly into any of your handbags for a swift touch-up.

The results are crazy, right? Now, take a look at the best eyeliners.