These Boys Who Protested President Trump At His Rally Have Become A Huge Meme

1. On Saturday, Donald Trump held a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to mark his 100th day in office as President of the United States.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

3. Though the overwhelming majority of people at the rally were there to see the president, I snapped a photo of five young boys from the Harrisburg area who were riding their bikes around the complex where it took place. They were there to protest Trump.

I saw the boys riding their bikes around the area where the event was taking place, showing off a cardboard sign with the words “Fuck Trump” written on it.

10. One thing’s for sure: These boys, who came down to the rally to exercise their First Amendment right to protest, are now gaining a small following online.

12. And people love that they’ve taken matters into their own hands.

These kids really bout that action #717BikeLife

— Discount Chris Pratt (@thelollcano)

13. May you continue to be bold, #717BikeLife kids.

Michael Blackmon for BuzzFeed News

Note: BuzzFeed News did not document the kids’ personal information since they were minors and no parents were around to give consent for an interview.

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