These Are the 7 Most Photogenic Fall Trends, Hands Down

Street style photographer Darrel Hunter is someone I always look to for capturing the biggest trends during fashion month. With an eye for what instantly reads as photogenic, the London-based photographer’s images are an instant study of what I immediately want to add to my closet and start wearing right away. Having spotted style photos that Hunter took recently at Copenhagen Fashion Week, I was curious to hear his thoughts on the biggest emerging fall trends on his radar and what we can expect to see more of for the season ahead.

From sleek leather pieces to the colors that are taking over to the suiting silhouettes we’ll be seeing more of in 2020, Hunter is voicing his thoughts about the photogenic fall trends—both on and off the street style scene. Here, see which seven fall trends he’s betting on seeing more of for the season ahead.

The trend: Leather. Why it works: “One of the first trends that I have noticed and actually really liked from this new season—and that I’m sure that we’ll be seeing a lot more during fall—are leather skirts and leather shorts. And for me, it’s basically taking typical summer garments, which are shorts or a skirt, and using a heavier material which is used for the colder months. I feel like also, the way it comes across in the photographs is that it gives it a quite richness, a nice tone. The texture looks really well when being photographed.”

The trend: Bold Color. Why it works: “Color-blocking. I know we’ve seen this for a while before, but for me, that’s another staple I enjoy that I think comes across really well.”

The trend: Sportswear. Why it works: “Another one of my favorite trends from this season is the mix of sportswear with more formal or high fashion… seeing football shirts or sports apparel mixed with skirts and heels, or even baseball caps with a dress, or sneakers with dresses. For me, I like that it adds a different aspect to the outfit.”

The trend: Suiting. Why it works: “Another one of my personal favorites is suits. Women wearing pantsuits, I think that comes across really well when being photographed. And that’s the thing—it doesn’t always have to be tailored or fitted. I just like the element of how it looks. And even sometimes it’s paired with sneakers or sandals or something, it doesn’t have to be so formal. It’s definitely something that I enjoy seeing for the fall.”

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The trend: Oversize Blazers. Why it works: “You have blazers that are being worn over sometimes vest tops or dresses as well. It adds, for me, a different element to the outfit where you might have something that might look quite plain or quite formal but the oversize jacket adds a whole different look and I think that we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of those going into the fall.”

The trend: Prints. Why it works: “Normally, in the colder months, we have a lot of people play down colors and it can be quite dull, but I’ve been seeing lots of prints—whether it’s dresses or bodysuits or even some kind of chiffon-like see-through materials layered on top of something else. And this, for me, I think kind of brightens up those darker days or when it may not be as summery and it still kind of gives you a hint of summer.”

The trend: Balloon Sleeves. Why it works: “The volume is fun and quite playful. It actually looks really good when photographed. The detail—you can just catch it from the side or the back—adds an extra element to the outfit.”

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