These Are the 5 Best Blazers Ever, According to Our Editors

As an avid blazer connoisseur myself, I can attest to how difficult it is to find one that feels just right. One that has the perfect amount of structure yet is comfortable, one that is boxy but not too oversize, and one that looks expensive regardless of the actual price. What tends to happen when you’re looking for the “perfect” version of something is that you end up buying lots of imperfect versions of it leaving you unsatisfied. Well, that just won’t do, at least not on my watch.  

I decided to reach out to my stylish co-workers for their takes on the blazers that they cannot live without. According to the picky editors ahead, the five blazers they listed are truly the best ever, and trust me when I say they don’t say that often. From investment-worthy designers to some cult-classic affordable brands, the ladies ahead are spilling the tea on their all-time favorite blazers, and I can’t wait for you to feast your eyes on them. 

Additionally, in case the small selection of “best” blazers doesn’t excite you, then I shopped out some newer ones on the market that I’ve recently had my eye on. You’re welcome. 

“I added this beautiful double-breasted blazer to my closet during quarantine and it’s easily my favorite piece I own right now. It’s structured and just roomy enough to have that cool oversize feel but not too much that it looks like I’m drowning in it. I also love that the fabric has a subtle texture, so it adds interest to the whole look. I would wear this thing every day if I could (and honestly, I just might).” 

“While I typically gravitate toward more classic silhouettes, I couldn’t pass up this blazer from A.W.A.K.E. Mode after falling in love with the brand last year. Their pieces are a little off-kilter in the best possible way, with details like asymmetrical hemlines, exaggerated pockets, and voluminous peplums that create cool, sculptural shapes. The exact jacket I bought is now sold out but you can still order this similar version that’s finished with an exposed shoulder.” 

I’ve become really faithful to my trusty Zara blazers. I’m always pleasantly impressed when it comes to their fit, quality, and silhouettes. I have a handful of classic hues, but I always get compliments on this super-chic check one. Right now, I’m eyeing this cool oversize plaid blazer—perfect for fall.

“For those of you who, like me, are very swayed by color, then this Jacquemus pink blazer is for you. While my exact version is no longer for sale, a hot pink blazer from the designer is something I can speak to. From the pristine and unique tailoring to the bold hue, this particular blazer choice is one I haven’t regretted for one second since I made the splurge last year.” 

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