These 7 Outfits Are So Photogenic—We Have No Choice But to Buy the Key Pieces

When it comes to shopping decisions, sometimes, our hands are simply tied. When we see something magnificent, we know it, and we have no choice but to add it to our carts. After all, you can always tell yourself you’ll return it later (even if you don’t quite get around to it and are secretly glad you had to keep it). 

Naturally, one of our favorite ways to get inspired by the latest and greatest shopping finds is to check the feeds of the most stylish influencers. These trendsetting people take photos for a living, so they know a thing or two about which pieces are going to look prime in a pic. Yes, they specialize in photogenic pieces, and yes, we will gladly take their cues. Who doesn’t want to look great IRL and in all your photos? Keep scrolling to check out the key pieces that make these outfits stand out, from luxe faux leather to an expensive-looking ribbed travel set.

We love a monochrome look, and this one is sending us! The silky material looks luxe, and the draping and knot details are just the cherry on top. We love an unexpected shoe moment, too.

Yes, it’s another monochrome moment, but don’t pretend you’re mad. If the previous was dressy, this lady is straight-up chill. This outfit is exactly how we’re going to look cute on travel days.

It’s clear by now: We love a total look. Don’t tell us you’re not into this olive perfection. It’s tailored, it’s eye-catching, and we love to see it.

Vegan leather is such a gift. It looks way more expensive than it is, which is only part of the reason why we love this outfit. The wine-colored keyhole bodysuit is the other reason. 

It is cozy season, and we would never leave you hanging without plenty of outfit inspiration. Can we talk about the way this racer-front tank and cardigan were made for each other? It’s a match made in photogenic heaven.

This outfit is a vibe. A retro button-down meets psychedelic pants, and we’re in love. If it’s chilly where you live, just top with your favorite oversize coat. 

We’re deeply in love with this unexpected, laid-back combo. We think this is our new “running errands and looking straight-up cool” look. And y’all thought stripes were preppy! 

Next up, check out the three simple pieces that make up our senior editor’s favorite outfits.