These 29 Cool Bodysuits Are the Anti-Basics We All Need

When I say that shopping is my cardio, I really mean it. Seeing as there aren’t as many exciting moments in my life these days, it’s these stunning finds that are what’s my heart beat a little bit faster—and I think they’ll do the same for you. Okay, so bodysuits aren’t the category that normally makes my jaw drop—I usually think of striking dresses and beautiful shoes for that—but the cool bodysuits I’ve been noticing in the market right now are doing just that.

It seems like every designer woke up one day and decided to give the humble wardrobe basic and layering piece a complete makeover. I’m talking eye-catching cutouts, beautiful draping, and even a few notable built-in jewelry moments. They bring all the excitement of a statement top but with the added bonus of creating a seamless tucked-in look making them the ultimate special basic to add to your closet if you’re looking for an easy way to spice up your outfits. With that, prepare to obsess over each of the 29 picks below.

This brand is the ultimate source for cool-girl basics, and they’re delivering once again.

Prepare to turn some heads in this.

This “sides out” look is poised to be a big spring trend.

This gives a whole new meaning to basic turtlenecks.

If you clicked in to find the details of the bodysuit pictured above, this is it.

An off-center neckline is a small detail that makes all the difference.

I really have no words.

I just know that wearing this would instantly put me in a good mood.

I’m getting Studio 54 vibes and I’m so here for it.

Your other bodysuits could never.

Simple enough for every day but cool enough to feel special.

It’s even more stunning on the model if you can believe it.

I have yet to meet a checkerboard print I don’t like.


I whispered “oh my god” when I first saw this stunning piece.

If Zara’s in on it, that’s when you know.

This neckline is really something else.

I don’t just want this, I need it

Have you heard? Off-the-shoulder tops are making a comeback.

It’s the tiny buckle for me.

In case you haven’t realized that asymmetry is in.

All about this milky neutral hue.

You have to see the back to fully understand.

I mean, what?

Tuck this into jeans for an effortlessly cool vibe.

If I had a party to go to, I’d definitely wear this.

Saving this one for warmer weather.

An easy way to get in on the shrug trend.

One more complicated bodysuit before you go.

Speaking of cool tops, these six random styles are 100% a thing right now.