The Underrated Yet Extremely Essential Fall Basic I’m Buying On the Cheap

There are some fashion items that are so rudimentary that I can never remember to buy them and when I really need them in the moment and tell myself to order them, I forget as soon as I see a bright shiny object to order instead. Know what I mean? In this case, the thing I always forget to buy but always need (this time of year especially) is long-sleeve T-shirts—both solid and striped. The ones I wear the most usually have a crew neck, and I find that owning a combination of fitted and oversize ones will do you the most service.

My observation is that long-sleeve T-shirts often get overshadowed by short-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, and sweaters. But when you need to layer, or when you need something that’s not too warm but not too light, your best bet is a long-sleeve tee. In case you need reminding of just how essential they are to an outfit, I found a whole slew of examples for you. And in case you need to stock up on them yourself, I’m sharing 16 of my current favorites, most of which are under-$100. Scroll to be convinced.

Style tip: When shopping for striped tees, go for an oversize one for the most current look.

Style tip: For ballerina vibes, opt for a scoop-neck second-skin tee.

Style tip: When your bottoms are loose, it’s always a good idea to pair a slim tee (and vise versa).

Style tip: Shorts and a long-sleeve tee will always be a go-to early fall outfit combo.

Style tip: A cream-colored tee looks especially chic with checked trousers.

Style tip: Striped tees are great with jeans but even better with leather pants.

Style tip: Stock up on close-fitting tees for layering.

Style tip: Just another great example of slim on the bottom, loose on top.

Style tip: Want a tee that’s a bit more dressed up? Get yourself a shoulder pad one.

Style tip: Neutrals are great but having a couple of colorful ones on hand is also recommended.

Style tip: Never underestimate the power of a cool neckline.

We love the chocolate brown stripes on this perfect tee.

This one is so soft IRL.

Thumb holes are so useful.

This one looks cool tucked or loose.

This perfect little tee is a Reformation classic, and comes in so many good colors.

No tucking in required.

Skims fitted tees are cult favorites for a reason.

Obsessed with this neckline.

This looks so comfortable.

Celebs like Hailey Bieber are obsessed with this brand.

This It-color tee is sure to sell out.

Camel tees are incredibly useful.

Madewell’s Whisper tees are the stuff of legends.

It doesn’t get more classic than this.

Everything Alo makes is soft and cool, including this tee.

Everlane will always be an amazing source for excellent affordable tees.

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