The “Ugly” Trend Fashion Girls Are Stealing From Their Grandpas

And we’re back with yet another “ugly” trend that’s so cute, fashion girls can’t stop wearing it. Today, the trend takes after not your dad, but your grandfather, and for that reason, we are calling it the “grandpa jacket”. Considering this jacket style is one your grandpa actually would have worn, we must clarify that it is not new by any means. The jacket we are highlighting today is inspired by the original Harrington jacket which actually dates back to the 1930s. Fun fact: The original Harrington jacket was made by a company called Baracuta and the original jacket can still be purchased today. Research proves that this outerwear piece has held its own in the industry receiving necessary tweaks and adjustments here and there along the way. The latest update? The fact that they have finally found their way into the closets of fashion girls everywhere. 

These grandpa jackets are boxy in shape, mainly neutral in color, and most zip up. It girls have been spotted styling them with everything from sweatsuits to bra tops and we couldn’t be more pleased with the evolution. Since this technically is a menswear item, quite a few of the jackets shopped out below are from the men’s section, but that just means you’ll be getting as authentic of a look as possible. From fresh designer takes to the OG G9 jacket, there is no doubt that by the end of this trend roundup, your cart will be full of this iconic jacket style

Layer this jacket over a simple crewneck sweatshirt, but don’t forget to jazz it up with edgy layered chain necklaces. 

An all-black ensemble can instantly be made ten times more interesting via an oversize leather grandpa jacket. If you ask me, the bigger the better if you want to maximize the fresh look of this old trend. 

This new Nanushka jacket is everything and more, and we love the way Imani styled hers with a cozy cardigan and denim. 

Apparently, two-tone grandpa jackets are a thing and you can shop this exact one below. 

If Emma Chamberlain is wearing the trend, you know it’s bound to be big. As a matter of fact, her generation in general has been proving to be major advocates of this jacket style having scored many of theirs from thrift stores. 

This shot is from Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s S/S 21 collection and while, yes, the jacket is the focal point, the styling of it is just as alluring. 

The strong shoulders of this jacket add just the right amount of structure to this otherwise laidback look. 

The next time you want to dabble in a head-to-toe leather look, start with your new favorite grandpa jacket. 

Everything about this outfit is a win.  Next up, shop the new micro-trend that is suddenly popping up everywhere.