The Timeless Fall Staple Parisians and New Yorkers Wear on Repeat

Fun prompt for you: close your eyes, and imagine the visual embodiment of fall. Did you picture bright orange, yellow, and brown leaves scattered across the park? Or maybe you pictured snuggling up with a pumpkin spice latte? For me, envisioning fall invokes all of these images, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I dream primarily of one specific thing: blazers.  I should preface this by saying fall fashion generally can have me daydreaming for hours—who wouldn’t want to think about knee-high boots, chunky knits, and leather pants? But there’s something about blazers that, for me, embodies what fall is all about. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. From Paris to New York, the fashion set swears by this fall staple. Blazers are one of the best things you in for fall; it’s the sauce that can take any ensemble from simple to spicy. Need proof? Ahead, I’ve rounded up 13 fall blazer outfit ideas from New Yorkers and Parisians that prove how this staple serves every time. Plus, I’ve shopped out each look, so you’ll be able to master the recipe for yourself. 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, blazers are the fall staple because of their ability to work for transitional weather. For those early fall days that start cold and end hot, throwing a blazer over a fun slip dress is the perfect outfit idea. 

You’ll wear this for seasons to come. 

Zebra print is big for fall, so this is the ideal dress to pair with your favorite blazer. 

Do you know those days when you don’t know if you still want to dress for summer or are ready for fall? Enter the ensemble above. Get more wear out of your shorts by styling them with a leather blazer and boots. 

Everyone needs a faux leather blazer. 

Consider this the perfect excuse to start wearing boots. 

Nothing will beat the blazer and denim combo—it’s a tried-and-true ensemble. But if you want to spice this staple up, pair it with jeans in a trending silhouette (like low-rise or overly relaxed) and fun accessories.


What better thing to pair with a blazer than relaxed denim?

The past few seasons have shown us that, like blazers, leather separates have earned their rightful spot in our forever wardrobes. So, it only makes sense then that leather blazers have continued to be a must-have among the fashion set. If you have yet to invest in one, we recommend picking one in a neutral hue. The blazer will always be a statement piece, but if you want to up the ante, style it with a turtleneck, jeans, and boots in a contrasting hue like the look above to make this piece pop. 

Aritzia’s faux leather pieces are a must-shop for fall.

The ideal denim silhouette to style with boots. 

When in doubt, the easiest way to style a blazer for fall is by leaning into the whole suit look. But if you think that look is a little passé, think again—it all comes down to the details. Opt for a blazer with interesting tailoring, layer on the jewelry, and add a fun statement shoe to avoid the stuffy suit trope. 

Who doesn’t love a cropped blazer?

Walk on the wild side. 

Just because blazers are a staple doesn’t mean they’re boring—case in point: the outfit above. The key to making this staple feel trendy lies all in the details. Simply opt for a blazer in the season’s biggest color trend or style it with other tren items of the moment to make it feel fresh. 

Cobalt is a major color trend for fall, so why not embrace the hue in blazer form? 

Pair your blazer with cargo pants to give this staple. more trend-forward feel. 

If you can’t imagine yourself donning a vibrantly-hued blazer, the look above may be more your speed. Pairing a plaid blazer (in neutral hues) with a sweater dress and loafers perfectly balances minimalism and maximalism. 

Plaid blazers are a signature part of a fall starter pack. 

Dreaming of wearing this dress all fall. 

Blazers, button-downs, slip dresses—they’re all strong staples in their own right. But when you style them all together? It’s a power move that will have you feelin’ yourself all fall. 

A little black blazer will never be a bad buy. 

The lace on this dress is stunning. 

The best fall outfits can balance timeless pieces with trends—like the look above. Pairing a black blazer and white button-down with a pleated plaid mini skirt and platform boots is the fall fit you didn’t even know you needed in your life (until now). 

Another great black blazer worth adding to your wardrobe. 

These are sure to level up any blazer you own. 

Prep-enthusiasts, enter here. The ideal way to style this fall staple is by recreating the look above. Pair a blazer with a matching skirt (printed or otherwise) with sneakers, and you’ll earn extra credit points. 

Pair with the matching mini skirt ($79).  I love a skirt suit moment. 

Sneakers are a seasonless staple. 

Consider this your public service announcement that just because blazers are a suiting separate doesn’t mean you always have to get matchy-matchy with it. In fact, if you want to spice things up, pair a denim button-down and jeans with a leather blazer and ballet flats for a polished “suit” look with a little edge.

Investing in this piece is worth every penny. 

Ballet flats are as important an investment as blazers. 

Canadian tuxedos, not your thing? Another way to get the same “power” suit feel without denim is by mixing-and-matching separates. Pair a waistcoat with your blazer, and mismatched trousers for a look that’s formal and fun. 

The nipped fit of this blazer is very on-trend for fall. 

Lean into the full suiting look by pairing a waistcoat underneath your blazer. 

You’ve made it to the final outfit idea in this story, and you’ve hopefully concluded that blazers are worth buying every time. They can elevate the simplest ensembles (like the look above) or add a little edge to them. They’re truly the best staple you can buy for fall, no matter what zip code you reside in. 

Peak fall energy. 

These will match any blazer you own. 

Love, love, love. 

Note the contrast fabric overlay on this blazer. 

Note the tie-up element on the back of this blazer.

This color! 

Chocolate brown always makes everything look more luxe.

I dream of this blazer daily. 

Just imagine how good this will look on. 

I could stare at this blazer all day. 

Pinstripes are perfect for fall. 

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