The Teaser Trailer For The Brand-New “Power Rangers” Finally Is Here

1. On Saturday morning, the teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Power Rangers film debuted online.

2. It introduces us to a familiar group of complicated teens from all walks of life, like Jason, who seems to be having a tough time with his relationship with his father.

The trailer has a not-so-subtle Breakfast Club vibe, as Jason’s dad scolds him for needing to attend what is presumably a Saturday detention session, where his son encounters other ~troubled~ youths.

3. And just like the beloved ’90s Power Rangers, the teens are named Zack, Jason, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly.

4. Bits of nostalgia, such as this Angel Grove sign, are sprinkled throughout the trailer.

AKA the fictional California town where the original rangers lived.

5. After becoming a squad of sorts, the teens venture to some dangerous-looking, rocky restricted area.

6. Naturally, they begin explore the place and that’s when things take a turn.

7. There’s a brief explosion and the teens discover different-colored talisman-like stones.

Perhaps these are their morphin devices?

8. After this whole ordeal, they’re bestowed with marvelous powers, like the ability to jump a ledge in a single bound.

10. In no time, the teens slowly but surely begin to hone their unique talents…

11. …getting stronger and stronger, assumably to kick some intergalactic villain ass.

12. Speaking of villains, it wouldn’t be a true Power Rangers film if Rita Repulsa didn’t make an appearance…

13. …and it seems she’s got a lot of pent up rage to unleash on this new crop of heroes.

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