The Stars Have Aligned—This Is the Winter Trend to Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Do you know those annoying people who ask you what your zodiac sign is? Well, I’m one of them. I’m aware that astrology can procure the same number of side-eyes as the declaration of low-rise denim’s resurgence, but I don’t care. For me, I will unabashedly ask you what your sign is and what trend you think is worthwhile right now in the same breath. And while everyone may not share my zeal for learning the difference between rising and star signs, that doesn’t detract from the fact that astrology can impact the way you move through the world—including what you choose to wear. Like personal style, every person’s zodiac chart is different, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you can predict.  So ahead, I’ve taken it upon myself to sift through winter’s most prominent fashion trends and guess which one each zodiac sign will wear for the rest of the season. No, I’m not a professional astrologer, but considering my obsession with the stars and the collections, this is a pretty good road map for what your fashion future will look like.

Like astrology in general, Aries can receive some negative flack, but that’s just fear of this fiery sign and their forward-thinking fashion. With celebrity style icons including Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga, this sign is known for making, not following, trends. So it only makes sense that they’d be wearing the season’s boldest look: high-shine pieces. It takes courage to don a metallic trench coat, and you, dear Aries, have plenty of it.

As the first earth sign of the zodiac, you, sweet Taurus, are grounded in all things on this planet, meaning you’re all about embracing the divine pleasures of life, including fashion. While you may rely on an arsenal of earth tones in your day-to-day wardrobe, you aren’t afraid of glamour—because if you’re only going to live once, it better be damn fabulous. It only makes sense that we’d see you wearing all things furry for the rest of the winter. If anyone can go out dripping in faux fur, it’s you.

Oh, my dear Gemini, you may get a great deal of abuse on astro-Twitter, but it’s never for your fashion sense. Geminis are some of the most stylish signs; just refer to icons like Kanye West, Naomi Campbell, and the Olsen twins. All of these fellow Geminis showcase their ability to balance function and flamboyance through their wardrobes. So it’s only fitting that statement gloves would be the perfect trend for you. It’s practical and downright dramatic.

Scroll through Twitter or Instagram, and any astrology memes will give you the illusion that Cancer signs are at home in a robe, but we both know that’s far from the truth. Romantics at heart, Cancers live for a princess moment, which makes sense considering the fact that some of the most iconic crabs include the likes of Princess Diana and Ariana Grande. If this water sign pulls up to the function, you better believe they will be donning something that screams “revenge,” so it only makes sense they’d wear one of winter’s biggest shoe trends—platform boots. It’s not a glass slipper, but it’s a great trend for you.

If you want to have fun in life or fashion, you need to make sure a Leo is present. Some of our most influential fashion icons—from Kim Cattrall to Jennifer Lopez—have been Leo signs. And while each Leo is unique in their own right (they’ll remind you of that fact), one thing remains the same among the pack: They know how to make a statement. This makes them the prime zodiac sign to bring back leopard coats this winter. It’s not only an homage to this sign’s feline emblem, but this trend also balances every Leo’s need for a little dramatic flair.

While Virgos get a reputation for being a little too detail-oriented, there’s no such thing in the world of fashion. Your keen eye gives you the power to discern which trends are worth your precious time and which are not—which has led you to build a wardrobe of classic pieces that’s the envy of all the other signs. Don’t be fooled, though. While this sign may live in tonal tailored pieces, they’re all about wardrobe basics with luxurious elements, making the knit-legging trend that’s dominating winter fashion perfect for them.

Don’t come for me, but no one can quite do it like a Libra can when it comes to serving a look. As an air sign with a passion for symmetry, Libras know how to balance the avant-garde with the everyday—just look to fellow Libras like Kim Kardashian and Cardi B as proof. While this sign’s style evolves with the wind, what remains is their consciousness of how clothing fits their own body. While other signs may be worn by the trend, you, dear Libra, know how to wear it and make it work for you. It’s your styling power that makes statement belts the excellent accessory of choice for you this winter.

Some signs may love to put it all out there (both in fashion and every regard), but Scorpios aren’t about that life. Any Scorpio can tell you that at least one of their now closest friends can admit to being intimidated when they first met—these water signs are secretive and aren’t about to let everyone in on their business. This makes incognito mode the perfect winter trend for all scorpions. With an emphasis on disappearing into the dusk, this trend is embodied by sleek black pieces, dark sunnies, baseball caps, and dramatic hoods. Like this water sign itself, this trend gives the feeling of being elusive, but only up close and personal do you see the depth below the surface.

The world is your playground, dear Sagittarius. There’s no one thing you won’t try at least once (whether it’s a dish, a destination, or a dominating trend). Sagittarians’ explorative nature gives them the freedom to have fun with fashion—something that design legends like Gianni Versace and Thierry Mugler know all about. For you, style is all about melding self-expression with a desire for practical pieces that can survive your next plane ride, which is why massive totes are the perfect winter trend for you. They’re not only ideal for when you’re roaming about, but they also embody your bigger-than-life personality.

While it’s hard to encapsulate what makes Capricorns oh so special, their style is much easier to narrow down to two words: subtle sophistication. Unlike other signs seeking attention by selecting over-the-top pieces, this cardinal sign is all about pragmatic pieces that stand the test of time. Capricorns are trying to take over the world, so they can’t be bothered with shrunken hemlines. This is why chunky cable-knits are the perfect winter trend for you, dear Capricorn. It’s a classic just like you.

Some zodiac signs set trends, some follow trends, and some live entirely on their own planet—Aquarians fall in the latter category. These air signs are known for their individuality and idealism, which creates their impeccable personal style. Our dear Aquarians won’t be wearing everything that comes down the runway, but when they pick a trend, they choose it because it speaks to them on an individual level. Then, it comes with no surprise that we’re expecting to see you all wrapped up this winter. Whether it’s in a wrap coat, a fur wrap, or an oversize scarf wrapped around your body, this trend will make you stand out in the crowd (which is all y’all want anyways).

Our final zodiac sign is Pisces. As the third water sign in the zodiac, this mutable and intuitive sign is all about going with the flow, which also applies to their style. Unlike other signs that may get caught up in practicality, Pisces are all about the fantasy of fashion. This is evident in infamous Pisceans such as Rihanna and Elizabeth Taylor, who have become known for their ability to take the mundane to magical through what they choose to wear. It’s your dreamy state that makes cloud coats the perfect winter trend for you.

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