The Secret Drugstore Blushes That Rival 10 High-End Favorites

Blush is a beauty product that is looked over far too often. It’s an essential step in a makeup routine that is subtle with promising results. Of course, bronzers and contour powders are great for an instantaneous St. Tropez moment, and highlighters can make us look and feel like a radiant orb when our lack of sleep makes us feel anything but. But what happens when you want to look a little more effortless? There’s nothing like a quick hit of blush to liven up our complexion in a time of need or when we’re aiming for a natural beauty look. 

Blush’s transformative powers make it easy to understand why it’s one of the most important beauty staples among celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty editors. It makes you look more alive and healthier than that fifth cup of coffee ever will. Simply put, blush does a lot without ever doing too much. 

As you may already know (or soon will), blush is easy to become rather dependent on, and since you’ll likely find yourself reaching for your favorite formula daily, we did you and your bank account a favor by sharing 10 of the most beloved blush formulas (if your budget so allows) in addition to the 10 drugstore dupes bearing an uncanny resemblance in terms of ingredients, wear, and finish. Ahead are 10 of the best drugstore blushes your face will thank you for.

How they’re similar: Aside from the most obvious similarities (they both double as lip and blush color and come in travel-friendly stick form), these blush formulas are natural, cruelty-free, and loaded with skin-enhancing ingredients like jojoba oil. At one-fifth the price, this pick from Burt’s Bees comes in six colors versus Westman Atelier’s four. 

How they’re similar: Milani is one of our all-time favorite drugstore brands, and while all of its product offerings are fab, its selection of gorgeous blushes is one of the very best. This pretty Baked number is a known cult favorite and imparts the prettiest prismatic glow.

How they’re similar: Each blush boasts a handy doe-foot applicator and bouncy, featherlight formula. However, Maybelline’s version comes in at about one-fourth the price of Giorgio Armani’s fan favorite while performing two jobs at once.

How they’re similar: I’m not going to lie: I have a longtime, die-hard love for this collection of blushes from Hourglass. While I won’t be banishing my current supply anytime soon, I will say that this Baked Illuminating Blush from Found is the closest drugstore dupe I’ve found. Plus, it’s filled with natural, skin-loving botanicals. 

How they’re similar: It’s true—no blush can ever compare to Orgasm’s icon status. That said, this shimmering pop of coral pink from L’Oréal is pretty darn stellar and is one of the most flattering drugstore blush formulas we’ve swiped in a long, long time. (Oh, and did we mention that the pan is bigger and the price tag is significantly smaller? Just saying.) 

How they’re similar: One part blush, one part subtle dose of color, both offerings from Guerlain and Physicians Formula are the perfect blush prescription for anyone looking for a flattering hint of glow. While this drugstore iteration might lack Guerlain’s exclusive Stardust technology, it does contain mica and a healthy dose of antioxidants for a glow-worthy and radiant flush. 

How they’re similar: For the ultimate juicy pop of color, this new launch from E.L.F. boasts a similar likeness to the above favorite from Chantecaille. Both formulas burst with hydrating ingredients and are cruelty-free and vegan. Plus, the packaging is equally adorable. 

How they’re similar: The above work of art from Kevyn Aucoin is pure genius. It’s an ombré melding of pearl, satin, and matte finishes in a spectrum of gradient colors, so you’re really getting more than just one blush for your money. That said, this drugstore blush from Nyx follows the same concept and is much less of a splurge.

How they’re similar: Even though quite a few beauty brands have debuted color-changing formulas contingent on our unique pH, Smashbox and its “O-” formulas were some of the OGs. The above tint-changing pick is filled with all sorts of yummy ingredients like goji, pomegranate, and ginkgo biloba, and Wet n Wild’s brand-new debut follows suit as a self-adjusting shade shifter chock-full of good stuff like murumuru-seed butter, shea butter, virgin passion fruit, argan, and more. 

How they’re similar: Cruelty-free, this best-of-the-best drugstore blush from Essence has a similar brand ethos to Tarte’s, and this matte-finish blush bears a striking resemblance to Tarte’s iconic Amazonian formula in that it keeps shine and dewiness at bay, lasts all day, and is highly pigmented for the perfect pop of color. 

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This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated by Isiah Magsino.