The Revealing Micro-Trend That Just Sprung Up Out of Nowhere

The latest revealing micro-trend to hit the fashion world has officially arrived. In case you haven’t noticed, the risqué look that has really been taking off this season has elements like midriff floss and hip cutouts that have everyone talking (because that’s just what a good, divisive trend does). So here we are yet again to point out a skin-baring detail on the rise. Are you even surprised, though? 

The micro-trend in question is what I’m calling ruched rings. Think of it as a continuation of the cutout trend—it can be bold or subtle, depending on the size and placement, but no matter what, it’s eye-catching. Designers such as Anna Quan, Christopher Esber, and Cult Gaia are leading the way with everything from tops and dresses to matching skirt sets. The ring details feel like a nod to the ’70s in a completely fresh and modern way, adding a touch of retro appeal without looking costumey. Scroll down to shop all the stunning pieces that feature these ring details and to take a look at how fashion people wear them.

Anna Quan designed this simple knit top with a little *spice*.

Zoom in to get the full effect of the citron quartz finish here. Trust me.

Why wear jewelry when this stunning top features a built-in rose gold cutout?

Designers may be leading the way here, but this affordable number competes.

There’s something about these ring details with satin fabrics that hits different.

This dress tells me you’re a fashion girl without telling me.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Shop the matching Veronika Skirt ($598).

I love the idea of pairing this sweet top with loose trousers.

As Alyssa captioned the above photo, we’re not even mad at these tan lines.

Proof that a little cutout goes a long way.

This one is delightfully wearable.

French girls are fans of the look. Just saying.

Anna Quan’s cutout knits really deserve to be in their own category.

From the print to the ring detail, this is the retro bikini of my dreams. Shop the matching Myra Bikini Bottoms ($118).

Small detail, big impact.

Admit it: Your going-out tops could use a refresh.

Such an easy way to wear the trend.

So tasteful.

This dress is ranking high on my wish list right now.

Because this trend was meant for swimwear.

Your next summertime staple.

One more excellent knit before you go!

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