“The Princess Switch” Has Dropped On Netflix And It's So Damn Fun

Guys, I know it’s only the middle of November, but holiday movie season has well and truly started, and that means Netflix’s The Princess Switch is here!


In case you can’t tell from the poster, it stars Vanessa Hudgens as an ordinary baker from Chicago, and also a duchess from the made-up country of Montenaro. The two women bump into each other and decide to switch places (naturally), and hijinks ensue (naturally).

Vanessa Hudgens is, as always, incredibly charming, and she just seems to be having the best time playing these two characters.


It’s a joy.

And not only is there the guy from Nashville* playing the incredibly handsome prince (who can give one helluva Look)…


*I have been informed this guy is very crush-worthy in Nashville, but alas, I have never seen the show. It’s on my (ever-growing) list, don’t worry.

There’s also THIS GUY who has DIMPLES and is a HOT DAD and a BAKER and oh my god he’s so handsome and great.


He’s Baker Vanessa’s best friend/business partner, by the way.

That’s right. There’s not one, but TWO romance plots! Double the cuteness! Double the happy endings!

Double the tropes! Seriously, this movie has not met a trope it doesn’t love.


Meddling kids, meddling and/or magical old people, meddling queens, holiday baking competitions, makeover montages, royal balls, visits to orphanages, sleigh rides, snowball fights…you name it, this movie has it.

To be clear: this is a good thing. You watch these kinds of movies for cheesy, tropey goodness, and The Princess Switch delivers exactly that in spades.

Basically, it’s cute as heck and I’m going to rewatch it 82 more times before Christmas.


Or at least until A Christmas Prince 2 drops.