The “Orange Is The New Black” Cast In The Pilot Vs. Series Finale


Piper Champan (Taylor Schilling)

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Then: Piper gets sent to prison for a crime she committed ten years earlier. She goes into jail engaged to Larry but soon finds herself reuniting with her ex, Alex.

Now: After all of her prison escapades, Piper gets out and struggles to adjust. Ultimately, she realizes wants to be with Alex and ends up moving to Ohio to be closer to her.

Alex Vause (Laura Prepon)

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Then: Despite being the one who named Piper, their relationship starts up again, making their on-again and off-again romance a series staple.

Now: After getting “prison married” last season, Piper gets out of jail and they try opening their relationship at Alex’s suggestion. Then Alex starts hooking up with CO McCullough, who eventually has her transferred to a prison in Ohio.

Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov (Kate Mulgrew)

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Then: In the beginning, Red was the top dog in Litchfield. She eventually lost her position but continued her plotting and scheming against various enemies.

Now: After being sent to the SHU for attacking Frieda, Red is diagnosed with early onset dementia. She’s eventually sent to “Florida” where her memory comes and goes.

Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson (Danielle Brooks)

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Then: Taystee was only supposed to last two episodes, and originally served as comic relief, but she ended up becoming the moral compass of the show.

Now: After getting life in prison for killing CO Piscatella (which she didn’t do), Taystee spends much of the final season intending to end her own life. However, she finds her calling and ends up serving as a teacher to the other inmates.

Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne)

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Then: Nicky was introduced as a recovering heroin addict with great jokes and an immense love for the ladies (especially Lorna). She was eventually sent to Max and started using again.

Now: By the end of the series, Nicky lost Red and Lorna to “Florida.” However, she stayed clean and took on Red’s role of helping others while running the kitchen.

Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Leyva)

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Then: Gloria came into the forefront when she eventually replaced Red in the kitchen. She served as a surrogate mother to multiple characters and eventually became wrapped up in a feud with Maria Ruiz.

Now: Gloria was one of the few inmates who were lucky enough to get out in the end. Gloria was the reason Luschek finally did an act of good, and after reuniting with her kids, Gloria finally extended an olive branch to Maria by sending her some kids’ books.

Joe Caputo (Nick Sandow)

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Then: Before being promoted to Warden, Caputo was the captain of the guards at Litchfield. He didn’t make a great first impression, masturbating as soon as Piper leaves his office in episode one.

Now: Caputo really redeemed himself over the years, doing what he could for the women of Litchfield. In the final season he is unable to continue working with the inmates due to his previous harassment of CO Fischer. However, his relationship with Fig blossomed and the season ended with them deciding to adopt a child.

Lorna Morello (Yael Stone)

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Then: When we first meet Lorna, she can’t stop talking about her upcoming wedding, but it’s eventually revealed that she never actually had a relationship with Christopher. He was just man she was stalking.

Now: After marrying Vince Muccio, Lorna has a baby, but he sadly does not live long. She’s unable to accept the loss and goes on believing he’s still alive.

Dayanara Diaz (Dascha Polanco)

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Then: Once a sweet young woman who liked art, Daya’s early days in prison saw her falling for CO Bennet and eventually having his child.

Now: After getting life in prison for killing a guard during the prison riot, Daya lets Pornstache’s mother adopt her baby. She ends up running a drug ring inside but is eventually attacked (and possibly killed) by her own mother.

Aleida Diaz (Elizabeth Rodriguez)

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Then: The first time we see Aleida, she smacks her daughter, Daya, for ending up in prison. Their relationship continues to be rocky throughout the series.

Now: Aleida spent much of the show as a free woman but eventually lands back in jail after attacking her daughter Eva’s boyfriend. Once she finds out that Daya enlisted Eva to help bring drugs into the prison, she goes after Daya.

Blanca Flores (Laura Gómez)

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Then: In the beginning, Blanca was just that crazy lady yelling to herself in the bathroom. Of course, it’s eventually revealed that she’d been talking to her boyfriend, Diablo, on a contraband cellphone.

Now: Blanca was one of the few lucky ones detained by ICE, eventually getting her green card back. However, instead of staying in the country, she leaves to be with Diablo, who was deported to Honduras.

Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren (Uzo Aduba)

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Then: Suzanne doesn’t technically show up until the second episode, but this list wouldn’t be complete without Crazy Eyes. When we first meet Suzanne, she begins stalking Piper (AKA Dandelion) and makes pretty much everyone feel uncomfortable.

Now: Throughout the series, Suzanne became the true heart of the show (and one heck of an erotic novelist). In the finale, she starts to come to terms with loss and realizes she’s growing up.