The New “Granny Panty” Outfit Everyone’s Wearing on Instagram

Granny panties” are really just a funny term that refers to briefs or high-rise underwear. The stereotype that your grandmother only wears a certain style of underwear has officially been squashed but due to the booming acceptance of fashion having no age limit, women of all ages have been rocking the “granny panty” for years now, and to be honest, I personally find them very sexy.

Since everyone has been spending much more time indoors these days, the sartorial Instagram content flooding our feeds has drastically changed. What was once a sea of fashion girls posting the latest trends and innovative outfits have now transformed into an oasis for loungewear styling tips. One of the at-home outfits I have taken a particular interest in is a simple one, requiring only two items: a tank top and granny panties.

While sweatpants and leggings are certainly dominating the WFH scene, this new lingerie outfit is giving them a run for their money. So far, this outfit has proven it is perfect for everything from lounging around to reading a book. The best part? Tank tops and underwear are fairly cheap articles of clothing, so you won’t even have to feel guilty buying a couple of versions of this new lingerie look today.

Just add some Nike socks and you’ve got yourself the most popular outfit on Instagram. 

Craving some extra glam? Throw on a pair of statement crystal earrings and a spritz of perfume for a chill night in.

Who needs sweatpants when walking around in your underwear is officially beyond acceptable? 

Tank top, underwear, and chill. That’s the only at-home aesthetic we’re craving from our lingerie right now. 

This is the post-shower, pre–”real” clothes outfit your life has been missing. 

Cozy up with a good book in a comfortable tank top and a pair of briefs. I promise you that reading will never feel the same again. 

Meet your new go-to pajama set. It’s light, it’s cute, and it’s apparently really trendy. 

And in case you’re more of a color kind of girl, don’t worry—we’ve seen tons of fun tank-and-underwear sets too. 

And yes, you can also achieve this lingerie outfit trend in head-to-toe black.

Next up, check out what 22 of my closest friends are wearing while they work from home. This post was previously published and has since been updated.