The Most Fashionable Characters on TV Walk Into Zara—Here’s What They Buy

In case you haven’t noticed from a few of my stories on here, I love TV. From nostalgic ones like Friends and Gilmore Girls to new ones like WandaVision and The Crown, I like to see it all. Being a fashion editor, what attracts me even more about a show is if it’s got costume designs that spark trends like Bridgerton did to the fashion community after release. I also love Zara, so I decided to combine the two and think about what would the most fashionable characters on TV buy if they walked into a store. Granted, many of these characters can afford much more than Zara (or don’t even live in the same time period as us), but let me just have this ‘what-if’ moment, okay?

I’m always taking fashion inspiration from TV and movies, and when I searched through the Zara site to find pieces that mimic the character’s style, it was easier than I thought it would be. I’m not surprised, since styles and trends are constantly coming back, making it possible for me to still find a Rachel Green outfit in 2021. If you’re also a TV fanatic or just want to pull inspiration from your favorite character’s looks on a budget, then keep scrolling.

Rachel was known for her comfy but cool-girl style, and her sweatshirt collection was quite impressive.

Her work wardrobe was just as impressive, consisting of turtlenecks, plaid skirts, and structured suits.

Hilary Banks is the definition of luxe style. Chic blazers were her go-to, and almost always donned with gold jewelry and elegant accessories.

I told you she loved blazers, didn’t I? You’d definitely catch this outfit on the streets today.

Carrie Bradshaw loved herself a pair of shoes, and she was on the nude trend early on.

For Carrie, it’s all about the accessories. This is a pretty simple look, but the headscarf, clutch, and glasses make the look so much better.

I was still in college when Grown-ish came out, and Yara Shahidi’s character Zoey made me want to dress better when I went to class. Her party looks were always my favorite, consisting of fun statement dresses.

Another thing Zoey loves? Pattern mixing. She was always playing around with different prints and bright colors to make eclectic ensembles.

When The Undoing came out, everyone was talking about the suspense of the plot and the quality coat collection of Upper Eastside mom Grace Fraser.

The coat speaks for itself.

Euphoria started trends in both beauty and fashion, and Maddy Perez has to be the most influential of the crew, in my opinion. The outfit is simple, a zip-up hoodie, turtleneck, and a mini skirt, but she just makes it look so much cooler.

I can’t talk about Maddy’s outfits without some v-neck and cut-out action. 

Daphne may not be able to find a gown at Zara, but in 2021 she’d surely find some pieces that match her vibe and come in her favorite color—baby blue.

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