The John Lewis Christmas Advert Is Based Around Elton John's Life And Here Is How They Made It

BuzzFeed News had the slightly weird experience of watching the John Lewis advert for the first time, in this living room space, within a John Lewis store, two days ago. It was only after having watched the advert that I was told that the room I was sitting in was the same set as the one from the advert I had just watched.

From today, customers can visit several scenes from the advert. For the past few weeks the 2000sq feet of space housing the set — which is right next to the store’s kitchenware department — has been disguised by a closed off area undergoing ‘essential maintenance’ so as to fool customers.

The rooms include the living room, a make up room and the recording studio. However, store representatives said that the plane scene would not be included since the interior of the plane was too big to fit into the shop.