The Girls Who Get It, Get It—These 5 Pant Styles Are What’s Cool Right Now

Curious about what the cool-pants girlies will be wearing this spring? There’s no need to spend hours sleuthing TikTok and Instagram (no judgment if you want to anyway) because today I’ve got you covered. Don’t thank me, but I did go ahead and do the critical research for you so that there’s no question as to what bottoms are cool when it comes to shopping or getting dressed in the coming weeks.

Below, you’ll find the five pant styles—from big, baggy jeans to stretchy stirrup leggings and everything in between—that are endorsed by influencers and editors. Whether you’re in the mood for cool and casual or like to dress things up, just keep scrolling for all the inspo and shopping picks you’ll need for the months ahead. 

Maybe these are my favorite because I’m pregnant, or maybe they’re my favorite because they’re just cool. But when it comes to jeans right now, the baggier the better, and don’t even think about hemming them. 

Whether you pair it with mules, loafers, or pumps, this is the legging style you want to be wearing this season.

Cargo fever is in full force, and honestly, I’m into it. Wear them to the beach, or dress them up for a night out. Whatever way you choose, they’ll make your outfit exponentially cooler than any basic pair of pants would.

In niche sweatpants-related news, out with the elasticated ankle, and in with the wide-leg, trouser-inspired silhouette. At first, this scared me a little, but after testing out the look myself, I can report that you will definitely be pleasantly surprised.

No, these aren’t your old work slacks simply paired with sneakers. This season’s cool trousers are undeniably looser and thus chiller, which is probably why they lend themselves perfectly to both casual and dressy footwear. 

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