The FEDS Arrest Rapper NBA YoungBoy!!

Rapper NBA YoungBoy was arrested on Monday and taken into FBI custody.

YoungBoy (real name Kentrell Gaulden) had an outstanding warrant, so the cops attempted to pull over his vehicle in the morning. According to the cops, YoungBoy’s vehicle would not pull over, and the cops ended up chasing the vehicle, before YoungBoy exited the vehicle and tried to escape on foot.


NBA Youngboy Curses Out Floyd Mayweather w/ Daughter Listening (; 1:41)

Cops used a K-9 dog to track him down. Police also reportedly found a firearm in the car but did not say whether the weapon belonged to the rapper. It is also unclear what the warrant for the rapper was for.

Last month it was reported YoungBoy was under federal investigation following his September 2020 arrest on drug and firearms charges. At the time, cops responded to reports that a large group of people were wielding weapons while filming a music video. 16 people were arrested. Drugs and weapons were found at the set but YoungBoy claimed none of them belonged to him.

He was released on a $75,000 bond.