The Biggest Winners And Losers In Movies In 2016, So Far

From Disney and Deadpool to X-Men: Apocalypse and Michael Moore, here are the actors, filmmakers, and studios with reason to celebrate for the first half of the year — and others who may wish it was over already.

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In 2015 — a year of feast or famine for Hollywood studios — the top six films of the year accounted for a quarter of all domestic grosses. So far this year, things have only grown more radically cockeyed. Between January and June, the top six movies in 2016 have accounted for 46% of all domestic box office grosses thus far. Which means almost half of all the money made this year was made by just a half dozen movies.

Adam B. Vary / BuzzFeed News

The rest of the year has been a wasteland of flopped sequels, lackluster comedies, and middling thrillers, creating an ever-widening chasm between how the movie business can even define success and failure. For decades, Hollywood has looked to megahits to help buoy the business of all the other films around them, but with studios increasingly fixated on building franchises instead, the rest of the movie business has started to sink. The summer season (traditionally the first weekend in May through Labor Day) is down a whopping 15% from last year’s record high, suggesting a grim outlook for the rest of the year.

Even among such harsh circumstances, however, there are still a fair number of studios and filmmakers who’ve had good reason to celebrate this year — at least, so far. Here’s a midyear report card of who’s up, who’s down, and what to expect next.

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