The Best “Simpsons” Political Parody Is Still Scarily Relevant 20 Years Later

It’s been two decades since “Citizen Kang” aired, and it has never been more timely.


The Simpsons had made a point of avoiding references to current events in an effort to stay timeless, but that all changed with the 1996 installment of the show’s annual Halloween anthology, “Treehouse of Horror.” The “Citizen Kang” segment aired on Oct. 27, about a week before the 1996 election, in which incumbent Democrat Bill Clinton faced Republican Bob Dole.

The irony is that placing the episode deliberately in a moment in time made it even more relevant in subsequent years: Despite fears that “Citizen Kang” would quickly look dated, it remains the best political parody The Simpsons has ever produced.

As the 2016 election approaches, “Citizen Kang” is still an endlessly quotable coping mechanism (and that would hold true even if one of the candidates weren’t a Clinton). Here’s how it relates to our current election.

The Simpsons in 1996:

The Simpsons in 1996:

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