The 9 Most Perfect Button-Down Shirts, According to Picky Fashion Editors

Ask any Who What Wear fashion editor what their favorite basics are, and button-down shirts will probably be on most lists. They’re one of the most versatile items you can own, and can and should be worn year-round. They’re also quite trendy at the moment, so we’ve been wearing them even more as of late. We’re not complaining about that.

The thing is, not all button-down shirts are created equal. A lot could go wrong. Some aren’t oversized enough while others swallow you up, some are too long, some too short, some wrinkle too easily—you get the idea. So who better to provide you with button-down shirt recommendations than us discerning fashion editors? 

Below, you’ll find nine Who What Wear editors’ favorite button-downs, and between all of us, we’ve probably tried hundreds. Based on our personal experience, we don’t think you’ll regret these winning options because, yeah, we’re picky.

“Totême shirts are an investment, but a worthy one. They’re oversized but not in a sloppy way, and they’re made to last. They also have a little embroidered logo which adds to their luxe look. This sunny yellow one is on my wish list.”

“My all-time favorite button-downs are vintage and from the men’s section, but this one from Almina Concept comes pretty close to perfection and it just so happens to be Kendall Jenner’s fave, too. It’s soft, unstructured, and feels perfectly lived-in. Even though it’s supposed to be an oversized shape already, I suggest sizing up once for a menswear-style fit.”

“I’ve been turning to Abercrombie & Fitch more and more for elevated basics. I have three oxfords that I wear on rotation!”

“I basically live in oversize button-downs (blame it on the coastal grandma in me). One of my favorites I reach for time and time again is Reformation’s Parker Relaxed Shirt (in Mojave Stripe). It’s casual yet smart and easy to wear with everything from jeans to mini skirts. Whenever I wear it, people always comment on how good it looks. And I can’t complain about that!”

“If I could live in these Frankie Shop shirts, I would. I officially need every color it comes in, but right now the pink stripe and green stripe are my favorites. They are the perfect oversize fit and as someone who is often hesitant to spend a lot of money on basics like this, I can assure you that once you feel them, you’ll understand why they’re worth the splurge.”

“I now own these Hommegirls button-down poplin shirts in every shade available because they’re that good. Crisp and the perfect silhouette that is slightly relaxed without being too oversize, it’s not an exaggeration to say that I practically live in them.”

“Usually I thrift my button-downs, but this J.Crew option is definitely worth the purchase. I love the contrasting white collar, it is a bit preppy but the crop is what makes it feel fresher. The material is comfortable on the skin and not at all stiff like some other poplin shirts can be. I’ve already worn it with jeans, leather pants, and even a maxi skirt.”

“Zara makes my favorite oversize white button-down shirt and I’m pretty loyal TBH. At $36 it’s the kind of wardrobe basic I don’t feel bad about replacing when I inevitably wear it while eating spaghetti or something equally messy, or about buying in multiple colors. Lately, I’ve been styling it with mini skirts, one side tucked in.”

“I’m so obsessed with this oversized button-down that I’ve bought it in two other colors. I first received it as a gift but then I kept coming back for more after I realized how perfectly structured it is. When it comes to dressing up in tailored separates this is the one for me.”

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