The 3 Trendy Fall Basics I’ve Already Worn to Death

As editors, there’s no denying the fact that our jobs come with quite a few perks. Fun events, designer sneak peeks, the occasional swag bag, and more are all part of the territory. Lately, however, we here at Who What Wear have had something new to brag about.

By now, you probably know about our namesake clothing line that launched just last month and—if I can gloat for a moment—is already creating quite the buzz. One unanticipated (but amazing) by-product of being associated with the Who What Wear label has been early access and the ability to get my hands on the pieces before they officially launch. As such, there are a handful of items from our latest drop that I’ve been living in and loving for quite some time. Of course, they’ve also garnered quite the fan base among my friends and relatives because they are quite literally magnets for compliments. Ahead, see what I’ve been wearing (and how I’ve been wearing the items) and shop my favorite pieces from our collection.

Lately, I’ve loved playing with different neutrals, and this combo of cream, white, and ecru just felt right.

Don’t worry—details on the miniskirt are coming up in just a couple of slides.

If you regularly read my stories, then you know I have a deep appreciation for both miniskirts and anything that comes with a matching piece. This skirt tackles both.

Of course, it also looks flawless without a jacket. I love an A-line mini paired with a cropped knit.

That brings us to this sweater-vest! Trust me when I tell you it’s the ideal top for pairing with jeans and ankle boots.

It’s also ideal for layering without overheating. No one has to know there are no sleeves under that blazer.

First off, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t show you the matching tank to the cream cardigan from above.

Also important.

It’s not just the perfect color…

It also comes with a matching tank.

And pants! 

Could it be the sweater to top all other sweaters? 

The competition is stiff.

I love this unexpected fall hue.

There’s no such thing as too many blazers in my wardrobe.

…Especially when they come with a matching vest.

You’ll use these so much both as a suit and as trousers with other outfits.

Brown is the color to wear if you want to feel forward this season.


This statement-sleeve sweater is what I like to call a next-level basic.

A pop of print never hurts.

This shade is also stunning.

Time to give up all your basic black and white tanks.

It’s the little details that make a big difference in an outfit.

A fall (and winter) layering essential.

So good I might need it in both colors.

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