The 28 Best New Home Décor Items I’ve Seen This Month

Given that we’re a fashion site, we spend lots of time talking (and typing) about new fashion arrivals, which are a daily occurrence in the world of online shopping. But equally important is finding fresh items to decorate our living spaces with, which we’ve certainly realized after the past year of being stuck at home more than ever. Fashion people (in addition to everyone else) have become very interested in making their homes look as stylish as their wardrobes, and we’ve all discovered the joy of shopping for home décor online since the pandemic began.

All this said, I thought it would be fun and helpful to share with you the best new arrivals for your home that I’ve seen this month. Many are affordable, with a few worth-it splurges thrown in. Scroll to shop the 28 pieces I was instantly drawn to that I think would make a chic addition to a living space.

Why not match your vase to your blooms?

Everyone’s cult-favorite pan now comes in trendy terra cotta. 

This mirror adds a Parisian feel to any room.

Well this looks expensive.

The perfect dining table centerpiece is hiding at H&M.

The only weighted blanket you’ll want to share.

I’m tempted to buy these in bulk.

I’m convinced this rug would go with any décor style.

These add a little joy to the dreaded task of washing dishes.

It also comes in neutral colors, if that’s more your speed.

These would be a major cutting-board upgrade for me.

You could probably use a new bath mat. (I know I could.)

Fun fact: I ordered this and have been filling it with matchbooks when I’m sans flowers.

I’m very much obsessed with this color. (Also, Parachute makes the best towels.)

Such a good housewarming gift.

I can say from experience that Brooklinen sheets are amazing.

I would very much like to smell this IRL.

I’m having a lot of trouble resisting checkerboard these days.

You only need one bed pillow, and this is it.

Elegant, but the color makes them a little quirky.

You can never have too many.

This is the perfect accent bench for any room.

Just in case you like doing yoga in the “peace and quiet” of your home.

Cool kitchen towels for cool people.

Your dresser is about to get 100 times chicer.

I love a pop of color in a kitchen.

Just the thing to celebrate spring with.

Next up, how French girls are decorating their apartments right now.