The 28 Best Cashmere Sweaters for Every Budget

A closet staple that’s timeless, regardless of the season? Sweaters. But not just any sweaters—cashmere, to be exact.

Now, I know cashmere has the reputation of being a luxury that’s expensive and out of reach, but it actually keeps you warmer than a lot of other materials, making it worth the investment. Plus, thanks to a handful of amazing brands, it’s no longer reserved for the budget-less shopper.

To prove it, today I’ve rounded up 28 cashmere sweaters that work for anyone. From a Uniqlo style that fashion girls rave about to designer picks, shop the best cashmere sweaters on the internet right now, no matter your budget.

Realize your cashmere turtleneck dreams thanks to this stylish steal we spotted on Amazon.

At just under $100, you can’t with a classic cashmere crewneck sweater. 

You know you can always count on Uniqlo for warm but affordable basics.

Cashmere v-necks are ideal for layering.

And the classic crew is easily dressed up or down.

Part sweater, part going-out top.

For your work wardrobe.

If you’re into options, this $100 sweater comes in a whopping 15 colorways.

Your next travel outfit needs this.

J.Crew sweaters have a cult following—for good reason.

Puff sleeves + turtleneck = guaranteed cozy in cashmere.

Give this classic cardigan the old college try.

If the ribbed trend works for you, consider this soft sweater your new favorite for fall. 

Simplicity is key.

This polo style is also perfect for layering on top of your favorite long sleeve tee or sheer turtleneck.

Pretty much perfect.

Naming this sweater “essential” is certainly accurate.

Ideal for outdoor weekend activities.

The ribbed v-neck gives this style a varsity feel.

Another timeless wardrobe staple.

The epitome of classic.

Tunic styles pair perfectly with ankle boots and jeans, or leggings and slippers.

The combination of silk and cashmere make this design look and feel extra luxe.

Keep this cozy cardigan handy for instant outfit upgrades.

Sometimes you want something easy to tuck in.

Except for when ribbed hems and sleeves are begging to be let out.

Totally twisted.

Ready to Netflix and chill.

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