The 2022 Staples That Just Look Perfect With Leggings

If you’re a leggings lover, you’re going to, well, love what’s coming your way. Yep, I’m dedicating this entire piece to stylish outfits to wear with your favorite leggings—whether you favor a classic style or a trendier silhouette with split hems. Specifically, I thought I’d showcase the fresh 2022 staples that really just look perfect when teamed with leggings.

The items in question are described as fresh staples because of their of-the-moment feel. In addition, the pieces in the edit are all highly versatile in nature, so they really could be styled with a range of pieces, leggings included. I’m talking about everything from forward outerwear silhouettes to cozy knitwear picks. With all that in mind, keep scrolling for a ton of A+ leggings inspiration.

Quilted jackets and “cloud-like coats” continue to reign supreme as a chic and comfy outerwear choice. The relaxed nature looks great with leggings. I also wanted to note clogs as an easy shoe choice to slip on.

This ensemble is effortlessly sleek and elegant featuring the loose sweater and the knee-high boots with the leggings tucked perfectly inside.

If you’re looking for a next-level pair of leggings, consider a style with a zippered or split hem for something different. You can team that style with a simple top and a longline coat, and you’re set.

As we also showcased here, it’s all about tube socks and leggings RN in the celeb and fashion world. The style in question is usually in white (worn over the leggings) and bunched a bit.

Okay, similar to the outfit photo above, I couldn’t round out a story about leggings without showcasing fresh white sneakers as another must-have shoe silhouette to wear with them. Classic and just works.

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