The 2021 French Wardrobe: 7 Items Chic Women in Paris Will Wear

We’re always enamored with French-girl style. What can we say? This set just perfectly masters that “je ne sais quoi” approach to dressing. So naturally, we’re always intrigued at the items chic women in Paris gravitate towards. On that note, we thought we’d tap one of our favorite Parisian follows, Aïda Sané, to learn about some of the pieces she thinks will help make up the ultimate 2021 French wardrobe.

That’s right—the mastermind behind @basicstouch thinks the seven items coming your way will be front-runners in the wardrobes of many women in Paris (herself included). “So to be fair, French women have such a classic style that it doesn’t really change radically with trends, but here are some items that I might think French women would wear in 2021,” Sané said.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to uncover an edit of a few pieces to consider this year. Oh, you’ll also uncover visual inspo of Sané and other French women, along with inspired shopping picks in case you’re ready to try any of the looks in question.

“I’ve personally always been a fan of big oversize coats, but back then, it was not a big thing. However, I started to see more of this maxi coat trend in the streets (between two lockdowns). The long maxi coat might be huge in 2021 as it’s warm, cozy, and chic at the same time. Nothing is better than being wrapped in a big long coat on a freezing day.”—Sané

“Faux leather is still popular with French women, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the classic biker jacket style. It’s all about a long trench coat style, shorts, or in an oversize blazer for a ’90s vibe.”

“A puffer coat is the perfect item for cold winter, and it can be worn in a very chic way with a nice wool or cashmere sweater and a chunky scarf with boots. I do think that there’s nothing more elegant than being dressed appropriately, according to the weather.”

“Loungewear has been one of these essential must-haves this year with lockdown. It’s now part of our closet for the good—not only for home but also for casual days and errands. The little chic touch that I’ve noticed with French women is to wear matching sets—sometimes with a long oversize coat in the same color as the set or in a coordinated color palette, so you look more put together without even trying.”

“Boots are a must-have for every fall and winter season, so it’s no surprise they’re still on the list, especially high knee boots or biker boots.”

“Mostly with outerwear, check prints can instantly add a sophisticated touch to an outfit.”

“Wearing a mask is no doubt part of our new routine now. I’ve seen a lot of us styling their mask in more classic colors (like I did) and more colorful ones as well.”

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