Texas Middle School Holds ‘N*GG*R Auction’; Black Kids Sold Into Slavery!

A group of students who attend a Texas Middle School held what they called a “N*gg*r auction”, where they pretended to sell the Black students into slavery, MTO News has learned.

The purported “auction” was held in a Snapchat group – with emojis of a Black man, a gun and a white police officer – and people bid $100 on one student and $1 on another.

 The Aledo Independent School District says it has disciplined students for a social media group chat where the students pretended to bid on Black classmates. 

District Superintendent Dr. Susan Bohn sent parents an email Monday afternoon saying, “There is no room for racism or hatred in the Aledo ISD, period.”


Guiliani Makes Racist Statement On CNN (; 0:23)

The statement says the chat involved students from the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus and that the district determined “racial harassment and cyberbullying had occurred and assigned disciplinary consequences in accordance with our policy and the Student Code of Conduct.”

Here’s a screenshot showing the Snapchat page: