TBH the Pandemic Completely Changed My Style—These 25 Items Reflect the New Me

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand shares the top 25 finds on their current wish list.

Prior to the pandemic, I had a signature wardrobe of black skinny jeans, lug-sole boots, close-fitting sweaters (usually in black or grey), and boxy outerwear (also usually in black or grey). And always silver jewelry, but never much of it. Perhaps it was a result of living in the Bay Area or a desire to reflect my identity as a queer woman after coming out in my mid-twenties; it was definitely, in part, an attempt to add some edge to the blonde wavy hair I couldn’t quite part with. For whatever reason, I shunned the feminine and colorful elements of my wardrobe. But let me tell you what gets old fast when you’re stuck inside for 365 days with the rare occasion to get dressed: skinny jeans and feeling plain as can be. I suddenly found myself purchasing the flowy dresses and oversize knitwear I saw on my co-workers. I even bought wide-leg jeans and a faux-leather miniskirt. These new items felt all the more familiar since I could pair them with the suddenly trendy lug-sole boots and chunky loafers already sitting in my closet. The warm and hard juxtaposition not only felt like a true reflection of my personality but also extremely enjoyable to put on for a picnic or outdoor coffee date.

I found I craved the ritual of pampering myself and getting made up; then looking in the mirror and almost feeling like a different person. It gives me a rush and sense of confidence that genuinely puts a spring in my step. After so many days spent in pajamas and athleticwear, I wanted to get as far away from that aesthetic as possible. The hyper-feminine was the answer. Slipping into a puffy dress, running a brush through my hair, teaching myself how to use an eye shadow palette—that was all it took to get me excited to eat dinner in a parking lot. Who knows if I’ll keep wearing bright colors and tops with ruffled motifs when the pandemic ends, but for now, I’m leaning into what makes me feel good. Read the story to see the cute and girly items I’m eyeing right now.

Giant puff sleeves, a square neckline, and tiered skirt—the makings of feeling like a princess.

And worn with some chunky loafers? Now that’s my spring go-to look right there.

For less than $30, this sweater can make any pair of jeans look cool.

Not that these jeans need any help, but just imagine them with the above sweater and a pair of lug-sole boots.

Perfect for outdoor brunches and beach days alike.

I never used to have the guts to wear leather or leather-look pieces, but I don’t waste time anymore worrying about whether I can pull off the items I want to wear.

I’m obsessed with every delicate detail on this sweater. I want to wear it with light-wash denim, the leather shorts above, and maybe even with a wool miniskirt.

If I’m going to branch out of my silver-jewelry comfort zone, I’m going to go all out and embrace the pearl trend.

So versatile, yet so unique.

Charlotte Tilbury lip products are so hydrating and pigmented. I can’t stop buying new shades.

Just a really cute pink bag.

If I’m going to keep wearing puff sleeves, I want to feel like a pop star from the aughts while doing so.

The perfect pair of white jeans.

How I’ve made it this long without a knit set is a question I ask myself daily. Shop the Embroidered Ribbed-Knit Top ($50).

A summer necessity, and summer is quickly approaching, folks. 

I love jewelry that feels unique.

The perfect lightweight shacket for the warmer months ahead.

Fingers crossed I get to wear this to my friend’s wedding at the end of the summer.

Will forever be a fan of smaller shades.

The polo collar makes this relaxed sweater so versatile.

Black biker shorts can be worn with anything, but will they make me smile like these sunflowers?

I love what Barrière has done for PPE. These masks are so cute.

Eye shadow as easy to apply as lip gloss? I’m in.

This is how my friends will know how to find me at the beach.

I’m a huge fan of slides, so it’s only appropriate I get buy a pair in a fun color this spring.

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