Tan France Gave A Fashion Makeover To Hasan Minhaj And Teased “Queer Eye” Season 3, So STOP EVERYTHING

Hasan: I look like a dweeb.

Tan: Who cares! Is being cool super important to you?

Hasan: Yes!

Tan: Why? We’re too old for that shit. I don’t care about looking cool, I just wanna look like me and if look dweeby, I look dweeby. Look at what you do for a living — you’re representing brown people! You don’t need to try to be cool, you ARE cool. You’re about to take on something massive! You really are the first person to represent people like us on this kind of show and I wanna prepare you saying: Bitch, don’t look for that positivity, you might find it. Go in with a real expectation.