'Supergirl' Season 2 Preview: Ali Adler On The Introduction On Superman, Mon-El & More

“Supergirl” is back and she’s about to get a visit from a Kryptonian relative when the show makes its Season 2 debut on The CW on Monday night.

Tyler Hoechlin joins the show as Clark Kent/Superman, the famous cousin of Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers/Supergirl.

“What’s really crazy about that role, obviously, is it may be the most iconic role, probably ever,” Executive Producer Ali Adler told Access Hollywood, when we asked her about watching playback of Tyler in the role. “Stepping into that suit is, I think a very daunting – and Tyler talked about that a little bit – a very daunting thing, but we just were so amazed. … He created his own character. It’s very much his own Clark Kent, very much his own Superman and we’re just so honored that he accepted the role and he just has so much fun with our cast and crew. It’s just really been a privilege to work with him.” 

Although one of the most famous superheroes ever is coming to the “Supergirl” universe, the show will retain its focus on its core hero. 

“It’s very much, for us, her show and her point of view and in no way does him coming to play with us overshadow that,” Ali said. 

When Superman does arrive, there is some big news he’s set to learn — James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) is dating his cousin, Kara.

“We definitely address that very quickly in the first couple episodes,” Ali said.

Superman isn’t the only out-of-this-world visitor making his debut in Season 2 of “Supergirl.” Also on the way is the introduction of the alien in the pod – Mon-El – played by “The Vampire Diaries” and “Containment” alum Chris Wood.

“When Kara crash landed on our planet many, many years ago, she was a fish out of water, but we didn’t get the opportunity to see her go through her childhood and we had the privilege of going in flashback several times in Season 1, to see young Kara with young Alex on the planet with the Danvers, but I think we really get to have Kara — our Supergirl — now lead someone fresh, fish out of water, not knowing any of the customs or culture,” Ali said. “And it’s very much her finally being the guide, as it were. [What] she was originally sent here from Krypton to do, was to guide — to essentially be Superman, or Kal-El’s babysitter, but that never got to happen.”

Asked about the Mon-El costume, Ali didn’t share specifics, but promised the show has its “own take.”

“We definitely have our own take on it and Kiersten Ronning, who does all of our amazing wardrobe, brilliant designer of all things ‘Supergirl,’ has done an amazing job,” she said.

“He lands and we’ll see what happens to him,” she added.

As fans of “Supergirl” know, the show moved production from Los Angeles to Vancouver over the summer. And while Calista Flockhart will continue to play CatCo boss Cat Grant in Season 2, she’ll do so as a recurring guest star. So will that mean Cat will move on to a bigger job at CatCo, as say, an editor-at-large, who won’t spend as much time in the office?

“I think that obviously is something we want to address in the first couple episodes as we return,” Ali said. “Calista is just one of the true greats that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, both personally and what she brings us on the stage. I just have never been more impressed. I mean, we have tremendous cast, but she’s just a tremendous person, so I hope she comes to see us a lot and we’re hoping that will be true.”

“Cougar Town’s” Ian Gomez joins “Supergirl” this season as Snapper Carr, who will become CatCo’s new editor in chief, and he may, like Cat has done, help Kara grow.

“I think, as all of us grow in our professional relationships, our relationships grow and I think that she will be challenged by Snapper Carr, who is working at CatCo now and played by Ian Gomez who is so incredibly brilliant,” Ali said. “In ways, Cat was a mentor to her and I think Snapper can be, but it’s not always — I mean if you thought Cat was a cozy fit — I’m saying that basically in italics — Snapper is a less Cozy fit, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have much to learn from him professionally.”

“Supergirl” Season 2 airs Monday at 8/7c on The CW. 

Jolie Lash