'Supergirl': Jeremy Jordan On Guardian's Copycat Problem

After helping to defeat a parasitic alien, Guardian has quickly become a sensation in National City, and that means the team behind the vigilante newcomer will need to brace themselves because a copycat is on the way on The CW’s “Supergirl.”

Someone who is up to no good will impersonate the secret identity of CatCo’s James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), leading to trouble for the photog/interim boss and the man behind his machinery – Winn Schott. But, Jeremy Jordan’s character has another weight on his shoulders as someone impersonates Guardian – his difficulty keeping secrets.

“Oh, completely. Winn is … completely transparent at all times. So, you’ll find very quickly in [the] next episode — on Monday — that the Guardian has been sort of framed by this other vigilante, who’s been kind of doing some dastardly things dressed up as Guardian, and so they’re trying to clear [the] name, but Maggie is kind of the one pointing fingers,” Jeremy told Access Hollywood. “And Winn, of course, goes up to Alex and is like, ‘Hey, can you tell your friend Maggie to like, chill out with the Guardian accusing?’ She’s like, ‘Why?’ And just to watch him try to back pedal is pretty hilarious and you kind of realize that this kid needs some help in the lying department.”

Enough time has passed since the real Guardian’s debut in National City that the crooked copycat has conjured up a suit very much like the original. Don’t expect Winn to be too upset to see his work duplicated though, as there is a bigger task at hand — clearing the Guardian’s name.

“I think the fear of going to jail because everybody thinks the Guardian is evil is a little more prevalent in Winn’s priority [list] at this point,” Jeremy said, when asked if the copycat costume would irritate his character. “So, any [issues] he’d have with the costume is more of an eye roll and less of a completely offended thing. I think he’s a little more concerned with the repercussions of it.”

With Guardian a two-man operation, it’s meant more scenes for Jeremy and Mehcad, something the actor believes came out of what producers saw on screen when the two actors’ characters interacted in Season 1.

“We have a lot of fun together. We always have. We had a few fun moments last year and I think that they realized that we work really well together,” Jeremy said, when asked about the fun he’s been having doing scenes with Mehcad. “But we just basically goof around and laugh a lot, but we feed off each other’s energy in a really good way that I think complements each other on set. I think we really trust each other to kind of do our thing and really get the best takes. So, yeah, we’re having a blast.”

On Monday night’s “Supergirl,” the faux Guardian is just one of the dilemmas faced by our core characters. The Cadmus kidnapping of Mon-El (Chris Wood) is also on everyone’s priority list.

“Where Winn works in the DEO certainly puts him in the mix for any DEO operations. So yeah, anything where the DEO is involved … Winn is almost always going to be there,” Jeremy said. “This episode is a little more focused, at least for Winn, on the whole Guardian thing, and trying to keep the secret, and trying not to blurt it out to everybody.”

“Supergirl” airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

Jolie Lash